Wednesday, 1 June 2011

White Rabbits White Rabbits White Rabbits

Nijntje & Pals (aka Miffy in the UK)
That's what I always used to try and say first thing on the first day of the month - before "Good morning" or "Toast please" or whatever it was that first used to leave my lips on a normal day.  I didn't normally manage to get my brain into gear to actually do it though.  It is meant to bring luck I believe - perhaps something to do with white rabbits being witches?

I did usually manage to join in with the "Pinch and a punch on the first of the month" though - and added the "And no returns!" very quickly or I was likely to get both back in spades from my brothers!

Anyway - Happy June to you all, may it be lucky!

I already consider myself pretty lucky - I have reasonable health, a safe and secure home, a family to care for (me), and I have plenty of great life experiences to look back on (and hopefully forward to too).  Not all girls/women are so lucky and it was lovely to read that Shimelle was doing her bit (with scrappers' help) to raise money for Plan UK's Because I Am A Girl campaign.  Unfortunately I was too late to promote this yesterday, but my blog-buddy Mel has put a Shimelle charity class up for grabs on her blog - you have until 5pm today to try for that and arrange a donation in some other way.

Mel has also been inspiring me with her de-cluttering in May.  That's another side-effect of being fortunate ... we have TOO MUCH STUFF.  It also makes it harder to keep tidy and organised.  So here is my declaration (please help me keep to it): I'm going to copy Mel and try and do a month of de-cluttering; with weekly updates so that I can be held to account!


Mary B said...

Sounds a brilliant idea. I have been looking through my cupboards (cup cupboard too) and I have enough stuff for an army think it's about time I emptied these. And decluttered my wardrobe. (mind you that will be far more difficult)
Good luck with the exercise

Sian said...

As I said to mel, her decluttering is putting me to shame. i think I nedd to order a skip..

Alison said...

Well done on making the decision..I am procrastinating!
Alison xx

Cheri said...

good luck with your upcoming declutter - but beware, it is addicting!

Missus Wookie said...

White rabbits - hmm I suspect that is another bit of English culture I failed to pass on to my confused children.

Decluttering is a wonderful thing and yep I always view it as a way of counting my blessings.

Good luck with yours!

humel said...

I used to try to say 'white rabbits' too! :)

Thanks for the link to my giveaway (it has now closed though, so sorry to anyone who came to this post a little late) and I'm thrilled that you're taking up the decluttering challenge! It's a great feeling to be rid of all the unwanted stuff :)

Sian said...

Jemma, I'd be happy to invite you - would you email me so I can send the invite back to you? Thanks

WendyB said...

Now I could do with a de-cluttering fairy if anyone knows of one. Good luck with, I shall look forward to the updates.

alexa said...

Not heard those expressions before! Decluttering - ah, now there's a subject close to my heart, being a clean and simple kinda gal :).