Monday, 15 September 2014

Welcome to ZIZO #37

As Rinda's Scavenger Hunt nears its close I thought I'd better get moving on the final few.  I have driven past a sign like this at least half a dozen times a week all summer, but it's never quite been convenient to stop safely and walk back to take a photo.  However on Friday, I was driving out the other side of the town on my way to a scrappy retreat with my blogging friends when I spotted the sign in my rear-view mirror.  There were no cars behind me and parking on the roadside was allowed so I guessed it was now or never for:
#1 A Sign Welcoming People To A Town Near Me
Jimjams - ZIZO 37 - A Welcome Sign
As I got closer for the photo I was intrigued to realise that the coat of arms thingy, wasn't!  My Zoom In reveals that it is a representation of the town hall!  The town council used to be for Crewe AND its neighbouring town Nantwich which explains the recent date of establishment when they became separate entities!  I'm linking up with Helena's 37th week and am off to look for the final few Scavenger Hunt items before Tuesday 23rd!

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Zoom In Zoom Out #36

Another last minute ZIZO from me - just in time to join in with Helena's 36th week.  Hubby and I generally go for a walk around the village on a Sunday - it's a chance to chat quietly, get some fresh air, admire nature and get some exercise. 

Part of our route takes us through a very large field which this year is planted with corn ... of the maize variety!  It's prettier than we see in the greengrocers, with purple outer leaves and yellow tufts.  I think it's for cattle fodder rather than human consumption.

Jimjams - ZIZO 36 - Cornfields

It's interesting to watch the crops grow week by week and always a shock to find that they've been harvested all of a sudden.  This week we picked blackberries from the hedgerows along the way.  I should have taken photos of my stained fingers - maybe next week's ZIZO?

Monday, 8 September 2014

Corking Chipboard Embellishments

Jimjams - Counterfeited cork embellishments
Scrapbook Circle have exclusive cork chipboard die cuts in their August kit, being counterfeited by the CKCB this month.

I had just ONE cork embellishment - a plain pinked cork circle.
But I did have some chipboard frames, some cork patterned paper (from the Simple Stories 24/Seven 6x6 pad), some stamps and a few rub-ons ...


... now I have my own set of exclusive "cork" embellishments!

Some are simply designs (stamps or rub-ons) added onto the cork paper and carefully cut out.  However to give them some depth I decide to cover some chipboard with the cork patterned paper.  It's really easy to do, especially if you have some precision files (mine are Basic Grey, but they are also sold very cheaply in DIY shops too) but sandpaper or an emery board will work for simple shapes:

Jimjams - "cork" covered chipboard

Jimjams - filing chipboard
Stick the chipboard face down onto the back of your cork patterned paper, making sure that the glue goes right to the edge of the chipboard.

Roughly cut away excess paper, leaving a little overhanging the edge of the chipboard.  Using fine sandpaper or a file/emery board, use downward strokes from the patterned side at an oblique angle along the edge of the chipboard (see photo). This will push the edge of the paper onto to the edge of the chipboard making a good seal and reveal the core of the patterned paper, softening the edge of the chipboard shape.

Jimjams - "cork" covered chipboard
Use a precision file or folded-in-half-sandpaper to work on tight spaces where an emery board will not fit, remembering to keep filing down against the edge of the chipboard.  My precision file set has a round file which is perfect for the inside of curved edges and the inside of holes! Unfortunately, you  make an incredible dusty mess of paper filings but the results are worth it:

Jimjams - "cork" covered chipboard

Back in 2010, I did a charity retreat class on several ways to decorate chipboard - the handout for which can be downloaded via a link at the bottom of this post.  Have fun!

There are more tutorials to help you counterfeit this month's kit over at the CKCB today.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Back To Scrapping With The CKCB

It's that time of the month again ... kit reveal ... with the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog. Which of course means a hop around the Master Forgers.  Did you start with our Guest Designer Tina and reach me from Stephanie?  Yes?!  Then you'll already have seen the kit-to-copy from Scrapbook Circle'e Island Paradise Kit for August, full of geometric patterns, filled with colour, a sprinkle of cork and loads of foxes ...

Well, I'm fresh out of foxes, but I did find something approaching the feel of the rest and put together my kit:

Jimjams - Counterfeit Kit - Sep 2014

Jimjams - reverse papersSupplies:
Simple Stories DIY Boutique Lovely (sequins)
and Outside The Box (ampersand cards)
Echo Park All About A Boy Games (spinners)
6x6 SS 24/Seven Snapshots (red/white dots) 
EP AAAB Journalling Card (blue pattern)
WRMK Teen Angst Punk (blue pattern)
Fancy Pants Childish Things Toy Box (green stripes)
6x6 SS Urban Traveller Grey Grid (brown grid)
and Bingo Card (striped reverse)
Scenic Route Small Random Kraft alpha stickers
Jimjams - Scrapbook Circle - Kit To CopyYellow fibres
Counterfeited cork embellishments - tutorial coming on September 8th

Various 3x4 cards from Lesley's prize
Provo Craft Alphabetterz chipboard alphas

Hmmm!  Not exactly a faithful counterfeit, but you get the idea!

Next on the hop is our "newest" Master Forger Sherri who made a welcome return to our team last month as Guest Designer and has agreed to rejoin the Master Forgers.
If you get lost along the hop - the full list is on the CKCB here.  Have fun!

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Zooming Towards The End Of Scavenging

Rinda is linking up the Scavengers again as the deadline draws ever closer.  I thought I'd better see how many I have left.

I nabbed this lovely lamppost fairly a while ago in my local town:

Jimjams - Scavenger Hunt 2014 - #17 Lamppost
#17 A Lamppost
And as I'm still not brave or sneaky enough to get a stranger's tattoo shot, I asked my colleague to share with me:

Jimjams - Scavenger Hunt 2014 - #8 A Tattoo
#8 A Tattoo
I cannot imagine how painful that must have been to do on her side - well done to the tattoo artist for keeping the lines straight!

I already have a rural landscape, so this shot isn't for #7:

Jimjams - ZIZO 35 - Scavenger Hunt #3 Birds on a Wire
#3 Birds On A Wire

Zooming in a little you'll see that it's for those (elusive for many) birds on a wire!  Which allows me to join in with Helena's 35th week of ZIZO too :-D

However I still have SEVEN to go ... #1 A Welcome Sign, #6 An Urban Scene, #11 A Horn, #12 A Mascot, #15 A Juggler, #16 A Foreign Language Sign, #19 A Public Garden ...

Saturday, 30 August 2014

August's Book - Hard To Swallow

Diane Setterfield "The Thirteenth Tale"August's been a lean month for reading: just Daine Setterfield's "The Thirteenth Tale".  This was a book I'd apparently given to my Mum, which she hadn't managed to get through!  I have no memory of that, so it must have been a while ago but I was up for a challenge!  However, I could quite see why she got bored with it, as the first half is uphill all the way with too many hints at secrets, too much atmospheric description and very little actually happening!  In the end it did acquire a bit more pace, but left me cold, despite a twist at the end.  Two narrators, two time-lines, two authors (Diane Setterfield and her character Vida Winter) ... to be expected in a book featuring twins I suppose.

Here's hoping that September's books are a little lot livelier!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Zoom In Zoom Out #34

A quick ZIZO from me - just in time to join in with Helena's 34th week.  Hubby had a Boxed Set of DVDs for his birthday.  Six series worth.  We're watching together; sort of.  I like to watch one episode at a time and think about it.  Although if it ends on a shock cliffhanger the temptation to carry on and watch another is huge.  Occasionally we succumb.  I draw the line at three episodes in a single sitting though, so occasionally I'm left behind if things have been particularly exciting.

Jimjams - ZIZO 34 - Breaking Bad

It's lucky that a second viewing of an episode is apparently acceptable to Hubby as long as he doesn't have to wait too long.  We're on Season Four now and I cannot believe how much I have engaged with methamphetamine c(r)ooks and junkies.  Anti-heroes doesn't quite do them justice.  No.2 Son & Child No.3 keep telling me "It's not real Mum!" as I sit there urging Jesse not to do it!

Have you watched Breaking Bad?  Can you watch a boxed set slowly, an episode a night or do you binge on it, watching back to back episodes?