Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Ten on the Tenth: The Boys Are Back In Town

Welcome to another Ten from me - on the eleventh as I was working yesterday and forgot to pre-schedule the post!

This month I want to share some of the signs that we are back to having a house full ... of large male offspring!  Both of them had to move out of their university accommodation and have FILLED our house with much more "stuff" than they ever took away from it when they left!

It's not that there isn't space for some of their belongings (they each have a decent sized bedroom); it's more that their "stuff" is larger than we can store.  Like the shoes that don't fit into the shoe cabinets:

Or the weights that we've had to stash behind the sofa to save people's toes!  Then there's the boxes of cooking ingredients and pans and storage containers - my kitchen already has plenty of these!!!

Photo - Teenage Invasion

Our spare bedroom (you can't even reach the bed for the suitcases littering the floor) and garage have been taken over with "stuff" that has yet to find a home in their bedrooms (or the attic).

Their tastes have changed while they've been living away and we now have to have different tea and milk for them as well as LOTS of extra food!

Photo - Teenage Requirements

And to top it all - the mess that should be restricted to their bedrooms is spreading elsewhere in the house!

Photo - Teenage Mess
I can close the door on the mess - unless it's all over my kitchen worktop!
In the interests of fairness I have to come clean and say that these photos are ALL from No.1 Son's "stuff" as No.2 Son has now managed to squeeze all of his things (apart from his shoes) into his bedroom - but then he has been home an extra couple of weeks already!

I'm off to take my mind off things with (hopefully less messy) tens over at Shimelle's place - do you want to close the door on all of this and join me?


Maria Ontiveros said...

Messy? Yes! But I bet you love having them back around. I know we raise our kids to be able to move away, but I can't imagine them not being our babies

Lizzie said...

Perhaps the upheaval is an acceptable price to pay, for their company over the next couple of months? At least #2 Son has managed to stash away most of his own stuff!
I have 2 males in my house and they are both as messy as me. We don't stand a chance - am seriously considering one of those de-cluttering services.... sigh...

Have a good "holidays" with your lads!

Alison said...

I totally commiserate Jemma..we have just spent the last ten days trying to fit Kirsty's three year accumulation of 'stuff' into our limited cupboard space-though I have managed to convince her to recycle quite a bit of it!
Alison xx

Sandie said...

Don't you just love them?! Your sons have let you know they arrived! Enjoy your time with them x

Melissa said...

What a fun Ten Things posts! Even if it's a mess, I bet it's good having them home for a while.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Great post!

scrappyjen said...

I love that post... I have this all to come to with my two boys. jenx

CoventryAnn said...

I'll have this to face next year when DD1 finishes Uni, I have no idea where she will put all her stuff on her return.

S said...

Oh I can relate to this - and the fact that you are happy as a clam to have them back under the same roof. When my son finished there were several categories of items that didn't come back at all - a set dishware went from 20 to about 6. About half the flatware disappeared - into the trash I suspect. And the one thing I would have liked to have a George Foreman grill ended up gifted to the last roommate to leave because he forgot it was his. On the upside after being back for a month, he decided about half his clothes were no longer acceptable either (I concurred). Still the bottoms of his two closets are heaped a couple of feet high with other stuff. But he and all his stuff are back under my roof - and I'll be happy about that for as long as it lasts.

Missus Wookie said...

The shoes that don't fit into shoe cabinets made me smile - definitely a problem around here.

Princess has the other problem - she's stashing stuff in her room in readiness to head off to uni... still got a year to go.

alexa said...

Arrrgh! You have my sympathies ... Hopefully it will all shrink down soon. I remember this stage vividly. Mind you, it's amazing how much they manage to leave with you when they finally do 'leave home'!