Sunday, 12 May 2013

Kitchen Pool

Not much scrap happening here I'm afraid - partly because I've been playing pool with No.1 Son!

Photo - Kitchen Pool

Our visit to Newcastle-Upon-Tyne was favoured with warm-ish, sunny weather and we were taken to see the "Shoe Trees" in a nearby park.

Photo - Heaton Shoe Trees

Apparently the tradition of throwing shoes up into the branches started in 1627 when the Heaton Sheriff wanted to celebrate the birth of his grandson. Nowadays, so many people throw celebratory shoes that there has to be an annual "harvest".

Photo - Heaton Shoe Tree

We also managed to see the centre of Newcastle at night; the Millenium Bridge was spectacular:

Photo - Gateshead Millenium Bridge at Night

 I'm back home again now and hopefully there will be some scrapping to share soon :-)


Lesley G said...

I hope you won? We've seen a shoe tree somewhere but can't remember the location. Hope you enjoyed your break, let the scrapping commence...

Missus Wookie said...

I like the kitchen island - fun :) Trilby and co are in Newcastle often as their grandparents are up there. I'll have to ask 'em about the shoe trees.

Lizzie said...

Shoe trees... how funny!

You have a very busy kitchen - especially if it doubles as a games room. Looks like fun though!

And I love that bridge photo - a rainbow page design, perhaps?

Sian said...

Maybe we should move our snooker table down to the kitchen..actually you have given me an idea. If I could get it moved before he gets home from his exam, I think that would give him a laugh!!

Beverly said...

Time with a son hands down beats scrapping!! The shoe trees are ummmm interesting :)

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Great photos! Hope you & your son had a wonderful time!

Sandie said...

That sounds a good trip to see your son. I love the idea of the shoe tree, I came across a tree in Devon with glass bottles hung from it. That was a surprise too.

alexa said...

We have a shoe tree here too! Glad you visit has been so enjoyable. I really liked the bridge in Newcastle too, especially lit up. You've captured it well! Have your redesigned your blog or have I just not noticed? (Hanging head in shame ...).