Saturday, 14 December 2013

Tagxedo New Year

Jimjams - Tagxedo Happy New Year cards Today over at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog I have a post about making VERY quick Tagxedo New Year's cards

If you like Tagxedo as much as I do you may want to play around with it to produce something a little more complicated.

I searched for multi-lingual versions of "Happy New Year" and plugged them into Tagxedo to produce this multi-lingual card:

Jimjams - Tagxedo Happy New Year card

Ring the changes with a different colour-way and layout:

Jimjams - Tagxedo Happy New Year cards

Or change the shape:

Jimjams - Tagxedo Happy New Year cards 

I used the following words for all three cards:
Gelukkig~Nieuwjaar Bonne~Année Buon~Anno
Ein~Guten~Rutsch Feliz~Ano~Novo Gott~Nytt~År
Feliz~Año~Nuevo Blwyddyn~Newydd~Dda Onnellista~Uutta~Vuotta
Mutlu~Yıllar Godt~Nyttår
Sretna~Nova~Godina Boldog~Új~Évet

Gelukkig~Nieuwjaar Bonne~Année Buon~~~Anno
Ein~Guten~~Rutsch Gott~Nytt~År

The tilde (~) characters keeps associated words together, twice (~~) will stop them from being on separate lines, thrice {~~~) will force a line break.  The text in red is the RGB code to make the words "Happy New Year" appear in red!  The 20 forces "Happy New Year" to be the biggest phrase and the @0 apparently forces it to be horizontal (though I'm still not convinced)!

The other settings are the defaults apart from:
Shape = Oval / Star
Theme = Pi Palette / Quiet Morning / Citrus Wasabi
Font = Euphorogenic
Orientation = H/V

Remove Common Words = No
Combine Related Words = No
Combine Identical Words = No

Max Word Count = 50
Normalize Frequency = Yes
Hard Boundary = Yes
Allow Replication = No
You do need to respin the layouts and colours a few time to find a design you're happy with - but it doesn't take long to save, crop and print once you've found it.  Have fun!

P.S. Use this link to see all my Tagxedo card ideas 


Lesley G said...

Brilliant!!! So simple yet VERY effective :)

Sandra said...

Oh that is lovely

Anonymous said...

How great! Thanks for the notes on how to do it too.

Lisa said...

yes, thanks for the clear instructions - will be calling on you for any last minute new year cards i might need to come up with ;-)

Missus Wookie said...

What a great tutorial - thank you for this!