Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Whimsical Musings #200

Whimsical MusingsMany congratulations to my fellow CKCB Master Forger Lisa who runs another challenge blog - Whimsical Musings - she and her team are celebrating their 200th weekly prompt!

I've watched WM from afar and admired their sustained creativity but the celebration has finally given me the impetus to use a couple of their older prompts and some of my older Counterfeit Kits to make a dent in my photos.

First I found WM#146 Be Inspired By Buttons (probably my favourite embellishment) and used my November Kit (which still had plenty of buttons in it) to make a DLO for our Scandinavian road trip album.

Skansen DLO - Jimjams

I had visited Stockholm's Skansen 30 years earlier so it was fun to re-visit in 2013 with Hubby.  Not a huge amount had changed (well open-air museums don't do they?!), but there were living history guides to explain the exhibits and demonstrate skills which made the day really interesting.

Skansen LHS - Jimjams

I particularly loved the house on stilts ... which would be at snow-level in the winter!

Skansen RHS - Jimjams

I find DLOs are a great way to combine a bunch of un-related photos from a day out.  Those ice-cream spoons didn't deserve their own page, but they still make me smile so I wanted them in the album somewhere!  I took loads more photos of course and I've scrapped some of the animals we saw in the zoo section here.

Another half-finished CKCB kit got a final pounding for WM#136 Inspired by Woodgrain as I scrapped another open-air museum we'd visited.  This one, Vallby, was on the outskirts of the town where I lived in Sweden and I remember going there around the mid-summer celebrations which are a BIG thing in Scandinavia.  Nothing quite so exciting this time, but we still enjoyed seeing the various buildings and listening to the living history guides.

Vallby DLO - Jimjams

I didn't have a lot of paper left from this kit, so I've had to get creative with a border punch and paper strips.

Skansen LHS - Jimjams

Plenty of woodgrain in those photos - I'd been fascinated by all the fencing methods too!

Skansen RHS - Jimjams

See that wooden board on the bed ... it's the bed-bug remover!  During the day, they would hide in the holes drilled into its surface and they would then be killed by holding the board over a fire - yuk!  I get itchy just thinking about it :-(


Susan said...

The photo of the spoons in your first layout is such a great match to your papers and buttons, and I really like the blue and red combined with the woodgrain on your second layout. (I agree about the bug-bed remover too - shudder!)

Susanne said...

Loving the color schemes of both of these, and you completely had me at the buttons on the first one. Buttons are just so underappreciated these days.

LCSmithSAVED said...

Such vibrant, beautiful Jemma pages! It always is exciting to see what/where you've been up to :D What fascinating places to visit. Buttons on a page shall ALWAYS remind me of you.