Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Picking Up The (Paper) Pieces

Dear Reader

You may have noticed a tailing off with blog posting here.  Guilty as charged.  The creating is still happening, but the photographing and sharing has not been so regular.  I'm determined to get back into it a little. Please feel free to hold me to account!  Part of the reason for my improved enthusiasm is that I've just spent a weekend with a bunch of scrappy ladies, most of whom I met through blogging.  Those that don't blog either used to or know those that do/did!  I wouldn't have had the pleasure of their company, with great cake too, if it hadn't been for this little corner of the Blogosphere.  I'm determined not to let it die out.  I need to reconnect with my friends' blogs too.

Anyway - here are a couple of pages made with my September Counterfeit Kit over the weekend - both of which are from holidays long past.  The first page is from our Disney 2004 trip to Discovery Cove.  I've already scrapped the reasons we went there in this post from 2013 so there's no extra journalling (yet).  Another reason I must finish this holiday album is that the memories not yet scrapped are fading!  Paint and stitching allowed me to join in with a Hey Little Magpie (Facebook) Challenge.

I set my fellow retreaters the challenge of using a September 2016 Pagemaps sketch - and the hexagons were pretty useful at obscuring disctractions in the foreground of my photo!

Pagemaps Sept 2016

The second page I made from the kit this weekend also used a sketch - from new UK Kit Supplier Turtle Crafts.  My friend Sue is on their DT and always gives good sketch!

Again journalling was non-existant - I need to write something on there, but a happy, chatty retreat with lots of banter isn't a great place to gather your thoughts for a page!

So, dear reader, thank you for still being here, I will be back soon I promise.


Sian said...

LOl! You're telling me you went on a bloggers weekend for bloggers that don't?! :) Actually, I saw a pic on Alison's IG and thought how happy everyone looked to be together. It must have been fun.

Lisa said...

I hear you! Well, not the bit about a retreat with bloggers (though I was there in spirit!) but the blogging in general bit. I love dropping by my friends' blogs but rarely have or make the time to do so. I miss it! And I'm super lazy at sharing my own stuff on my blog too - I have three posts in half draft status right now but can I be bothered to get them finished!

Anyway, these are two great pages that show how versatile your kit is this month - they are super! love the hand stitching and I always adore hexagons - reminds me of my patchwork...

Tara O said...

I just love the page with the hexagons. It's so well put together. And OH MY WORD! I can identify with you on creating but not getting the photographs taken and uploaded into a blog post. I can't hold you accountable for things I stink at myself-sorry!!

Lesley G said...

I recognise those hexagons!!!
I think we are all guilty of blogging less! I have many to share after the weekend but I'm delighted to see you showcasing your lovely pages already!

alexa said...

They look great, those hexes. And clever to use them as a cover-up. The two pieces of ribbon and stitching really tie it together. Glad you found the weekend inspiring - me too! I've already used one of those lovely little dies :).