Saturday, 16 October 2010

Catching up!

This week has been a time of catching up in all sorts of ways.  Hubby will no longer be under my feet from next week so I have been making him help with some of the little jobs that could have been done at any time during the year but of course have not!  I caught up with some friends for some geocaching and I caught up with the ironing - unfortunately it's getting away from me again :o)

Yesterday I finally caught up with my LSNED album - just seven pages and the sign-off page - everything was ready last weekend, but somehow the rest of the catching up took priority!

For some reason Warburtons were handing out free loaves in town today - never one to look a gift horse in the mouth I gratefully accepted one.
After two long days at work (how did I ever cope with a full time job?) I really enjoyed playing on the Wii with the Child No.3 while our tea was being cooked for us.
Sunday lunches are a great time to catch up with the family - you never quite know where the conversations will lead, but they're always good ones.
The battle that is school shoe shopping is one that I hate - compounded this year by the strap of Child No.3's Hush Puppies snapping after just two weeks.  Of course it didn't help that the shoe shop wasn't local and it will take a further fortnight for the replacement pair to arrive!  I did however find a bargain pair for myself :o)
Another exchange that needed doing - I was all fired up with reasons why B&Q should accept my slightly out of date receipt, but in the end, they didn't even ask for it!
In an effort to encourage Child No.3 to eat more pasta I bought some very attractive coloured conchiglie.  It did not however improve matters as they were rather unattractive when cooked!
More Mario Kart with Child No.3 - no catching up here though - I nearly always come last and she always wins, and we both have a really good time!
Phew - it's all over, my pad of paper is all used up, my blooms and buttons have taken a battering, I've learnt to use a Bind-It-All and paid more attention to the month of September - and it's only taken me two weeks to catch up with the final pages.  Lessons learnt for my next project - KIES (choose in Dutch) - Keep It Even Simpler and maybe I'll finish on time!
I've also been catching up with my blog reading and discovered that Pencil Lines are celebrating their 4th birthday tomorrow - they'll be posting hourly challenges with prizes from 8am tomorrow to celebrate.


Sian said...

I'm always last at Mario Kart lol. I love your variety of bright, lively pages - a perfect glimpse into a busy life.

Mary B said...

Well done on the completion

We had a giveaway loaf day in Swindon about a year ago but I think ours was Kingsmill.

alexa said...

What a fantastic range of pages! Love the one about school shoe-shopping - always a sore point here too!