Saturday, 23 October 2010

The Cat's Whiskers

I love sewing on my pages as I think it gives an extra textural dimension to them.  In fact the sewing machine is permanently loaded with a bobbin of clear thread so that I can quickly load up a top spool in the colour of my choice and get stitching.  I tried doodling stitches once as the machine was temporarily tidied away and vowed never again!  It took an age to achieve the effect I wanted and was a pain to try and keep the "stitch" lengths even!

As regular (are there any?) readers of this blog will know I recently attended the 5th Pink Booby Charity Crop in aid of Breast Cancer Research and I did a lovely class on distressing by Cathy Windsor from Sarah's Cards DT.  I bought the kit and produced a page that I love with photos from 2007.

There were loads of scraps left from the 3 sheets of double sided October Afternoon Thrift Shop papers so I thought I would see what else I could do with them rather than let them get buried in my scraps bags (yes that is plural!).

There were some large scraps for strips and lots of little bits which would do for a collaged paper element too ...

I was also inspired by a post about paper appliqué over on Siân's blog and thought I would try a bit of hand sewing on a page element!  Alas! I have yet again come to the conclusion that I prefer my machine for sewing.  Of course it didn't help that I was sewing through layers of card collaged with scraps of thick quality paper scraps.  Nor did it help that I'd decided to add zig-zag and blanket stitch rather than just sewing a simple straight line!
My fingers were aching by the end and I know it will be a while before I attempt anything by hand again!

My page started life as a Pencil Lines Sketch (#146)

It was much easier to machine sew the larger scraps of paper to my page and lots of fun to try out a few of the different stitch styles.  Using red stitches throughout helps unify the diverse shapes and colours on the page.  I used the free font Type-Ra for my journalling to tie in with the words from the One-of-a-Kind wordy paper.  I like this font better than Adler and other typewriter fonts because it includes more punctuation marks, including, for us Brits, the £ sign!
And I still have enough scraps from the kit to make something else.

The weekly challenges over on UKS are fun ways to motivate me, so there is a misted masked background (again using a home-made spritz from dilute ink), a symbol representing something from the photograph (my UKS team name is "The Scrappy Cats"), numbers on the page (not that difficult to do, but I included it in my title to show willing), and ribbon - the cat's whiskers :o)


alexa said...

Jemma, that Marble page is absolutely gorgeous! You have really inspired me to go and do some proper paper scrapping, and load up my machine. I love the way your page still has balance and space as well as all that glorious texture!

Sian said...

You are right - there are plenty of days I'm not in the mood for fighting a needle and thread through my pages (tho I did order a couple of handstitching templates from etsy the other day..) Both of these pages are stunners,,keep on keeping that clear bobbin rolling if this is what you can come up with. Love them.

humel said...

I only got my sewing machine this year but I've used it on a large proportion of my layouts ever since - I even used it to sew a fabric project last week!! ;-) Your layouts are gorgeous and I'm totally having a go at the layered collage look, thanks for the inspiration xx

Amanda Jones said...

Oh, it's the simple things that help so much - I never even thought of putting clear thread in my bobbin! I don't use my sewing machine as often as I'd like because it's such a faff changing the bobbin to the required colour!

I love your creations! The marble one is beautiful. So glad you now have a blog :)