Monday, 13 December 2010

Just say "No!"

I love the weekly challenges that are set over on UKScrappers ... a mix of sketches, embellishment, themes, sizes ... they are set by "teams" and individuals who produce a few example pages to get people started and you never quite know what you might be asked to include on a page!  I don't always manage to join in, but would miss them if they disappeared.  A shout went out recently for a last-minute volunteer to set a challenge because a gap in the schedule had come to light. "How hard can it be?" I thought, and put my virtual hand up.

My husband is always moaning at my inability to say "No" because I end up with too many things to do and too tight a deadline ... and so it was with this little project too.   I'd forgotten that I was doing "Journal Your Christmas" and was already 2 months in arrears with "Project 12" ... and that's without mentioning the Christmas shopping, our daughter's birthday and the broken boiler - brrrr!!!!

Anyway a promise is a promise, and I couldn't renege on the deal ... so I composed the challenge, but, rather than doing the three examples that I wanted to do, I only managed one, and that wasn't complete until very late last night either! Phew!

At least the warm colours and sunny photos made up for me scrapping next to a fan heater, wearing three jumpers and a scarf and still being too cold to talk without teeth chattering!

Now if I want to keep my husband happier, I really must practise saying "No", "Non", "Nein", "Nee", "Na", "Nej", "Nem", "Nie" ... and maybe then I'll get the presents bought and wrapped!


Mary B said...

:lol: the hardest word in the English (and all other languages) to say but that is a lovely example.

Sian said...

lol! Your sunny colours have warmed me up today too

Allycat x said...

...and I really like your challenge - hoping for time to myself this weekend to do it, will see if I can get uploaded earlier than your usual 'last minute' :P but hey, at least in a way you get a week off this week!!! LOL