Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Season's Greetings

Back in 2008 a fellow UKSer, Danyaz, generously shared how to make your own chipboard word books and I just had to have a go:

Mini-book - Noel - Jimjams

Mini-book - Noel - Jimjams
It was made for a friend celebrating Christmas with her first grandchild and contained room for her to put her own photos and journalling, using lots of bright Doodlebug paper, foam snowflakes, seasonal ribbons and stickers - pretty much whatever Christmas stash I'd accumulated over the years.

As I'd given that one away, I thought I'd do another one using up some spare papers from a HOTP Paper Pizazz Christmas book.  I've done a step by step guide too which I've sent to UKScrappers to share with you.

Mini-book - Noel - JimjamsMini-book - Noel - Jimjams
I'm intending to add some festive photos and seasonal quotes and make this into a special Christmas greeting for my Mum - better than a card I hope!
Mini-book - Noel - Jimjams
Mini-book - Noel - Jimjams
I added an extra page here to help disguise the fact that I messed up the orientation of the patterned paper - I was so busy including the swirly bits along the bottom of the pages that I didn't spot that the diamonds pointed in different directions!
Mini-book - Noel - Jimjams
Mini-book - Noel - Jimjams
There are plenty of pockets and tags and even a couple of extra pages to fill and I think I'll leave the back page empty for a photo from this year.


Sian said...

Definitely better than a card! It's beautiful.

Keira said...

I love that album!!! I have always wanted to try a word album. It's really very nice, and I probably would have never noticed that you changed the pattern direction if you hadn't pointed it out!

Mary B said...

That is beautiful and will make a much treasured card that will come out year by year I bet.