Thursday, 24 November 2011

Teeny Tiny Envelope Mini

As promised here is are the instructions to my Teeny Tiny Envelope Mini ... a project I made for the Green Buttons Retreat back in September.  It's cheap as chips to make using money envelopes, scraps of paper and card, but showcasing dozens of small photos or quotes.

Get Set
Prototype #1 with no cover
Prototype #2 with a protective cover
Musical Mini Book - more photos here
The instructions can be viewed, printed and downloaded from here.  Have fun with it and please link back to this post so that I can see what you've created!


Melissa said...

Thanks so much for the tutorial/directions - I've downloaded them to my idea file. This would be a cute mini-album to put together with the twins on their next visit.

Alison said...

Thanks so much for the tutorial Jemma!
Alison xx

Beverly said...

yay, so happy to see the tutorial. love this project :) Thanks for showing us how!

Sian said...

Very nifty!

scrappysue said...

Oooh, I would love to try this, totally loving mini's at the moment. Thanks so much for the instructions Jemma!

Lisa said...

how cute is this! gorgeous

Missus Wookie said...

Pretty and thanks for the instructions. I'll read them later and have a go.