Friday, 11 November 2011


Remebrance Sunday 2008
Today is special - it's Remembrance Day here in the UK - we hold a two minute silence at 11:00 to remember the men and women who have died in the service of their country.
In the last couple of weeks many people have been wearing poppies sold by the Royal British Legion - they are celebrating their 90th year of helping with the welfare and support of injured troops and their dependants.
Many other Commonwealth countries will be remembering their fallen today.
I'll be at work at 11:00 and hope that we'll be able to ignore the phones and observe the silence there and to reflect on the bravery shown and the sacrifices made by so very many people.

Today I have also been invited by Beverly to take part in another sort of celebration of the date (a palindromic occurrence that hasn't happened for 100 years (the date not the invitation!)).  She asked us to share 11 photos, 11 things to do before the end of the year and 11 things that we've read/seen/experienced during 2011.

2012 Collage - Jimjams
11 Photos from 2011 - more or less one a month
Ranging from a Mother's day text to a  rooftop sculpture in Italy,
from 100 years of theatre  to our first home-grown peas!

As for good intentions ... they mostly revolve around Christmas: make more than two Christmas cards, post our Christmas cards in plenty of time, make some frozen Christmas pudding, make an early start on Christmas shopping (please stop feeling smug if you've already done all of yours - I call Christmas shopping in November very early!), clean the oven in advance (I don't want guests to see the state it's normally in) and invite family to spend some festive days with us.  The non-Christmassy ones are as follows ... plant some more peas and onions for next spring, tidy up the rest of the garden, de-clutter the downstairs rooms, finish off the year's bookkeeping and get myself organised for a Blogger's retreat at the end of the month!

The 11 things that have happened during 2011 ... well I blogged about quite a lot of stuff:

Pop over to Beverly's at BE Glorious to see what other "elevens" have been shared and perhaps share your own too!


Melissa said...

Great post! I like the photo collage for your 11 photos.

S said...

Oh nicely done post - and I'm glad that I've been following along most of the year and remembered many of those things.

Beverly said...

I love the photos and the pic of your son still makes me smile :) They try us but ohgosh how deeply and madly we love them! Thanks for being a part of the 11-11-11 event. So glad we met in the blogging world!

Lynn said...

Love you photo college - 2011 has been a busy and productive year!

Amber Letuli said...

Love your post, wish I had home grown peas to show off.

Alison said...

Great collage....what a lot you've achieved this year!
Alison xx

Jo.C said...

The collage is great - great way to add multiple photos and it won't have taken as long to upload as mine did :0)
Great post and we are definitely in the same boat with the Christmas shopping x

scrappysue said...

What a great idea for a post on the 11th! All I managed was a photo of me at 11am, which was the whole family grocery shopping! Good luck with your goals (I also need to clean my oven, it might actually be easier just to not invite people round, ugh! x

alexa said...

How did I miss the bit about your theatrical involvement! Lovely post to read, and a great photo montage - your to-do list looks about as long as mine. :)

Angelfish said...

Great lists and I love your photo montage. I need to learn how to do that! I have a lot of Christmas shopping to do too and an oven that is in dire need of a clean!!