Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Made It !!!!

It wasn't like I was really having doubts.  I mean, how bad do you have to be to get struck off the "Nice" list?

I'd done my bit and sent off my side of my Counterfeit-Kit-Master-Forger-12-Days-Of-Christmas-Swap.  My swapee, Susanne, received the parcel just seven days later and was (secretly) opening her goodies across the pond.  Meanwhile I was waiting ... and hoping ... and waiting ... and hoping ... but wait and hope as I might, the postman simply refused to deliver Susanne's reciprocal parcel to me!

Seven days passed ... then seven more ... and three times seven days ... what had I done to deserve being put on the "Naughty" list?

But then - on the the very last day before Christmas, while I lay sleeping soundly, the postman knocked loudly on the door, getting poor Hubby out of bed at 6:45am on his first day of holiday rest (ho ho ho poor thing) and delivered a package that had flown the 22 day scenic route from America ... HOORAY!!

Well it was worth the wait I can tell you ... take a look at what was securely and beautifully packed inside:

Thank you so very much Susanne - I'm extending my Christmas gift experience by opening one (or more) of these beauties each day!


Lisa said...

that looks gorgeous! what a shame it took so long to get to you but I'm sure it will be full of wonderful goodies!

Sandra said...

Ooohhh how gorgeous

Alison said...

Looks like it was wellworth waiting for...and thanks for the Tagxedo tutorial!
Alison xx

Sian said...

They look gorgeous! You lucky thing

Missus Wookie said...

Oh lovely, glad they arrived safely, Hey you've got until Jan 6th before the end of Christmas - enjoy.