Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

Today it's my turn to do the post at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog and it's all about recycling magazines to make gift toppers.  I've shared 3 tutorials that I found on the Winter-Wonder-Web - check out my post here - and I also linked from there back to here because I've adapted the Paper Pom Pom tutorial from Nice Package that I shared, as I didn't have the necessary ribbon punch.  I experimented with the same 1½" circles to see if it would work and made my prototypes:

Magazines used to make gift toppers - Jimjams

And here's one topping off a gift!

Magazines used to make gift toppers - Jimjams

Then I tried it out with a heart shaped punch - using the title panel of old "Which?" magazines that I was clearing out.  I've used 7 punched shapes for each pom-pom plus an extra, slightly thicker one punched from a glossy magazine cover (or scrap card would do too).

Magazines used to make gift toppers - tutorial - Jimjams

Fold each of the seven shapes in half vertically, score the fold line and glue them together to form a stack.

Magazines used to make gift toppers - tutorial - Jimjams

At this point (unless you are a whole lot more careful than me) it might be worth inking the edges of your stack of shapes, as well as the spare base piece, so that the edges are uniformly coloured and no annoying white bits are showing.

Magazines used to make gift toppers - tutorial - Jimjams

Finally sandwich the centre of a length of ribbon between the opened pom-pom and the base shape - you are now ready to gift wrap.

Magazines used to make gift toppers - tutorial - Jimjams

Alternatively, if you are making toppers in advance of your gift-wrapping, adhere the opened pom-pom to the base shape and attach to your parcel with a glue dot or strip of double-sided tape when you are ready.

Heary shaped gift topper - Jimjams

If you don't have a heart or circle punch I'm sure it would work for any symmetrical shape - even a hand-cut one.  If you give it a go please let me know what shapes work for you.


Lisa said...

these are so cute! and you'd never guess that those sweet rainbow colours are pages from a mag. Great green idea.

Sandra said...

Thank you for the tutorial. I will be having a go at these little gems!

scrappysue said...

What a super idea Jemma and they look gorgeous on the parcel! x

Anonymous said...

Great idea - your toppers look lovely! I may have to adopt the Winter-Wonder-Web phrase!

K said...

Very nice idea, I shall have to remember to use the heart one on Valentines day

alexa said...

How super are these! I am definitely going to give these a go, Jemma - think I'll do mine from sheets of old music. :)

Sian said...

I've been playing about with an idea like this for the front of a card, but I hadn't thought of using my heart punch - love this. Thank you.

CoventryAnn said...

I've been making similar things as hanging decorations with the children at school, love the idea of using old mags, and as present toppers.

happysnapper said...

absolutely fabulous and i wish i hd read this and thought of wrapping in newpaper before i spent $20 on wrapping paper yestreday!

humel said...

What a fabulous idea - I love the hearts! I will definitely be trying this :)

Melissa said...

I made some mini-ornament balls last week using this technique, but didn't think about using half of one as an gift topper - great idea! Thanks for the inspiration.