Sunday, 1 March 2015

March Madness

Welcome to March's kit counterfeiting with the Counterfeit kit Challenge Blog.  This month our Guest Designer Janine joins us in forging the January Cupcake Kit from A Piece Of Cake Designs in Australia.

My first thought was "Oh no not more pink!"
But then my fellow forgers pointed out that the pink was mostly labelling and upon closer inspection I realised that the kit was lovely shades of teal and yellow and woodgrain ...

Piece of Cake Designs January Cupcake - March K2C

This month we Master Forgers are letting you know our "top tips" for putting together and using a kit.  Whenever I put together a counterfeit kit I start by finding my favourite part of it.  This is the thing that will seed the ideas for the rest of the kit.  I just take a colour or a pattern or even some embellishments that I really would love to use and let the kit grow from there.

So I started with the woodgrain sheet ... and the teal patterns ... and then grabbed a sheet with some tiny bicycles (my substitute for those hot air balloons).  That set the tone for the rest of the kit.

My next step is to search my supplies for patterns, journal cards, alphas and embellishments to match the starting elements ... without looking too closely at the original kit while I do this.  This helps me focus on what I actually have in my stash and keeps the kit cohesive.

Jimjams - March 2015 Counterfeit Kit

To finish a forgery off I look back at the kit-to-copy and check that I've included enough of the embellishments to get a feel for the original ... and this month I added wordy frames, some buttons (I'm sequinned out after last month's kit) and a border strip or two.   

I don't worry about counterfeiting each individual piece (though I know that works for some) which ensures that my kit size stays manageable and is more likely to get used up before I get bored with it!

MME Cut & Paste Charm Carefree Mellow (giant chevron)
Thin woodgrain paper (gift from Lesley)
Teal chevron paper (gift from Lesley)
MME Cut & Paste Charm Sweet Spin (cream diamond)
6x6 MME Cut & Paste Charm Hey You (teal arrows)
6x6 MME Cut & Paste Charm Multi-cycles (ombre )
6x6 MME Cut & Paste Charm Sweet Spin (yellow cycles)
Teal, grey and yellow alphas from Simple Stories
Cream punched borders
Various journalling cards from my stash
Yellow chevron glassine pocket
A selection of buttons and wood veneer shapes from my stash
Live Laugh Love Pennant (gift from Lesley)
Wordy frames (gifts from Lesley)

You will have noticed rather a lot of stash supplied by Lesley ... my tribute to a good friend ... who is very generous with her scrappy supplies!

For more kit tips and forgeries please carry on with the hop by visiting Julene (the complete list is published here on the CKCB).  Happy hopping!

P.S.Why March Madness?
Well, I thought I'd prepared my kit weeks ago ... but when I came to write up the blog post I could find neither kit nor photographic evidence that it had ever existed ... apart from in my dreams perhaps?!?!  Cue last minute kit preparation within hours of the reveal!


In His Grace, Janine Rachau said...

I love your kit and adorable presentation of it! Your papers and colors are fabulous. The toothpick so fun! Looking forward to seeing your pages and projects!

Lisa said...

A perfect explanation of how you can make a kit fit for you even if the original isn't something you normally work with! I like the direction you took your kit with the teal and yellows and you always manage to make a smaller kit than me! One day I really ought to make a really small, piece for piece like a "real" kit and see how I get on :-)
There are some lovely items in here and I just know that this really fits your own style and will make some wonderful Jemma pages. Looking forward to the month.

Laura said...

I could make friends with this kit! Love all the bicycles. I must admit I thought the kit had a lot of pink in too... funny how we see things that aren't actually there! x

happysnapper said...

Love the tooth pick sign posts, going to Counterfeit those for more of my road trip pages thanks x

Sian said...

I like your twist on what looks like an interesting original. I could make friends with either or both of these

Beverly said...

I would have had the same pink reaction lol Thanks so much for the tips, I'd like to try doing this after I get the studio reorganized. I prefer yours over the original which seems overwhelming to me.

Susanne said...

Oh I want to play with your kit. Nice job on making it your own.

Sassy Breese said...

I find it interesting that you don't like to scrap with pink, yet there is pink in you blog. I have a similar relationship with purple. Love to wear it. Don't like to scrap with it.

I am intrigued by your approach to building your kit as I am a piece by piece matcher. Am thinking I would like to try it your way, this month.

Margie said...

I have always admired how you make your kits work so well for your style! Great tips, too!

Tina Campbell said...

I thought the same thiing when I first saw it (Pink!) But you have and Adorable kit and I like your take on putting a kit together :) It makes sense to do it that way :) Maybe give that a try some month :)

LCSmithSAVED said...

Had a good laugh at the explanation for the name! Love that you always keep your kit totally usable for your own needs & likes.

Julene Matthews said...

A fabulous array of items there Jemma. Looking forward to seeing what you produce. Great tips by the way.

sassyscrapper said...

I like the turquoise, lime and grey color palette you put together. Such an interesting combination. Looking forward to your creations.

Tara O said...

Am I glad that I'm not the only one whose eyes were drawn to the wood Grain! These colors are perfect for some photos I have ready to scrap! Loving your kit choices.

Missus Wookie said...

ooooh love this kit - wood grain and teal plus wood pieces. Yum :)

Susan said...

Your kit is wonderful! I think sometime I go a bit overboard and pull too much. I think next time I will take your advice and not try to match everything up to the inspiration kit.

Virginia said...

Oh another fabulous kit!

Tara O said...

Great kit and I love that this month we are getting a peek into the Master Forger's minds to see how they create!

Tara O said...

Great kit and I love that this month we are getting a peek into the Master Forger's minds to see how they create!

Vikki said...

great kit!

alexa said...

That a classy kit - I love the woodgrain. And I was initially visually deceived by the pink too!

kate blue said...

Love the focus on the teal cause I too think PINK?? and shake my head. Love your kit!

Angela Coles said...

really like your colour pallet, and the little people are cute.