Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Summer Scavenger Hunting - Isle of Man

Have you been playing along with Rinda's Summertime Scavenger Hunt?  I've participated for a couple of years now but this time I was only able to concentrate on it during my holidays ... two long weekend trips to the Isle of Man.  Hubby and I were invited to my friend's wedding to be held in July, but had yet to meet her husband to be, so we decided to have a "catch-up-with-her-and-get-to-know-him" trip in June, followed by a return visit for the actual wedding.  They joined in enthusiastically with pointing out photo opportunities as well as posing for them!

#1 Bouquet (for the bride-to-be)   #2 Ornate Door Knocker (in Ramsey)   #3 Dog Walkers (by Ramsey pier)
#4 Board Gamers (in Ramsey)   #5 Architectural Colums (at Peel Castle)
One of the highlights of our trip was seeing the special facilities of the Isle of Man TT, a super-fast motorbike road race circling the island, including crash mats strapped to walls and lamp-posts (to protect them from damage rather than the riders), porta-loos in the middle of nowhere for the use of race marshals and pedestrian bridges to allow people to cross from inside the circuit to the rest of the island while the race is in progress!

#6 Metal Bridge (in Ramsey)   #7 Turtle (or possibly a tortoise, in the garden)
#8 Someone plugged into social media (what else is there to do while waiting for the ferry in Douglas?)
#9 Cellular Tower (on Snaefell mountain)   #11 Tent (ready for the wedding reception in the garden)
There are no universities or colleges in the Isle of Man so there's no #10 :-(

#12 Public Toilet (at Peel Castle)
#13 Merry-Go-Round (a spinning {water-}wheel at Groudle Glen was the closest I could manage!)
#14 Traffic Signal (the electric railway crosses several roads)    #15 Multi-flagged pole (Peel Harbour)
#16 High-up Panoramic View (of Ramsey bay)
#17 Matching uniforms (runners training along Douglas promenade)   #18 Overloaded Vehicle (time for a new bike?)
#19 Ticket Booth (for Groudle Glen Railway)
#20 Natural Body of Water (another stretch ... the base of the waterfall at Dhoon Glen)
Plus Substitute A (for #10) Hubby & I eating al fresco (outside the museum in Peel)

Finally there's that pesky, un-substitutable self portrait with a scavenger hunt sign ... which I somehow forgot to take ON the Isle of Man, so instead, here's me with a double page spread commemorating the holiday hunt and more, made this weekend at a fun scrapbooking retreat.

Lots of fun ... thank you Rinda for organising it all - the final link-up is here for anyone that's curious.  Here's hoping that 2016 will produce more fun scavenging.


Julie Kirk said...

I love all the different sized photos on the layout - it all fits together really well.

It's a great idea to find as many as possible in one/two trips ... certainly focussed the mind/eyes I bet! And your board gamers are great - that's the one I couldn't find.

I'm another one looking forward to a new list next summer!

happysnapper said...

Oh no I completely missed it and it finishes today! I might have to just do it late anyway, I have taken fabulous photos in the last 2 years because of this hunt! Kids break up this weekend so will have to make it a holiday project!

happysnapper said...

Oh no I completely missed it and it finishes today! I might have to just do it late anyway, I have taken fabulous photos in the last 2 years because of this hunt! Kids break up this weekend so will have to make it a holiday project!

Susanne said...

Oh well done!! Great snaps, and kudos on the page as well.

Missus Wookie said...

Fun to see the page and all the photos here :)

Anonymous said...

Great items for the hunt...I LOVE the board gamers!!!

Lady Ella said...

Yes, me too - great board game, great flags and funny overloaded bike!

Karen said...

Great layout, and what a fine job you did with just two weekends!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Goodness, you did a fantastic job, and I love how you shared these with a final wrap-up. I'm impressed you were able to get all of these while on a trip. Too bad about the uni photo. We have five unis in my town, but I chose my alma mater.

The photo I liked the best was the board game. That was INCREDIBLE!

Congrats and I'll see you next year.

Cheri said...

I always do a layout of my photos too - never thought to get it done before the end of the hunt! Well, I couldn't as I was getting my last shots very last minute anyway... Great job - I love your layouts!

debs14 said...

What a great guided tour/scavenger hunt collection!

Karen said...

Love the photos. My favourites .......... the board gamers and the matching uniforms.

alexa said...

Now those board gamers are really neat, Jemma! And lovely to see you with the finished pages, having only seen them in progress. I like the idea of trying to capture them all in one place - gives a real flavour of another part of the world.

Amanda Jane said...

Love the idea of doing the whole hunt in one place. What a pity the IOM doesn't have a college/university for you. Great selection of photos, and congratulations on turning them into a scrapbook page already.

pearshapedcrafting said...

I love your photos! I would love to visit the Isle of Man someday and your photos have shown me why I should! Chrisx

Susanne said...

Oh lots of good photos there. I enjoyed my tour of the Isle.

Gail said...

What a great group of pictures and I love how you've put them all on your layout/sign.

Maria Ontiveros said...

What wonderful, unique finds - and you got the flag!