Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Another Studio effort

Continuing with the classes from The Studio's recent cybercrop I was inspired by Ifa Zainon's class to have a go with acetate image transfers.  Ifa had provided travelling words to do this with, but they didn't fit the photos I wanted to scrap from a day out at Hawkstone Historic Park & Follies, so I typed some appropriate words into Wordle and hey presto!  I chose a colour scheme that fitted in with a day in the open air and saved a couple of wordles with slightly different word frequencies to get a variety of word sizes; these were printed out (in reverse) onto transparencies and then rubbed onto my cardstock to transfer the ink.  I wiped the transparency clean and it's now ready for more of these wordles another day (will I be able to find it when that day comes though?).

Acetate printed "wordle"

Ifa's class was a single page, but I had so many photos to include that I flipped the basic design and produced a vaguely symmetrical double page.  I've used my favourite Autumn Leaves swirly stamps with some old shadow inks to echo the rather patchy wordle transfers.  The Funky Vintage chocolate alphas are brand new (to me) stash from Making Memories; I've just re-read the packaging and find that they are self-adhesive!  Oh well, they're sewn on securely now!!

Lace-covered chipboard button
and securely sewn acetate letters

Three things that I am grateful for from this day:
  • our sat nav which allowed us to tell the RAC which middle-of-nowhere-layby we had pulled into once the smell from the engine had become rather worrying.
  • the RAC man who spent ages in the increasing dark and cold, cobbling the broken bits of the gear box back together again.
  • Child No.3's mp4 player which allowed the three smaller people to huddle together watching the whole of  "The Incredibles" while we waited!


Sian said...

Now that is a seriously clever acetate technique..I wonder could I get it to work?!

Really beautiful double pager - the wordle art is perfect for the background.

Rebekah said...

Wow! Stunning. Well done x

Anna said...

Great double layout, a well deserved winner! Well done!