Friday, 3 September 2010

"Quote Unquote"

I was inspired by a brilliant little project from Audrey Yeager on the recent Studio cybercrop to make a "little" tag book of my own.  I say "little" but I got rather carried away ~ as usual my brain had bigger plans than is quite sensible in terms of available scrap time.

First off, I decided rather than do a 10 page booklet with just 10 aspects of something ... I'd do an A-Z of interesting quotes: several hours of surfing later I had a range of quotes that included words for each of the letters of the alphabet.

Then, rather than do a nice small format (the example project was just 4"x3") I decided to make each page 6"x4" ... and sew the quotes in strips on each page and ink and stamp and .... you get the idea!  Take a molehill and make a mountain every time, that's me.

The chipboard shape on the front cover was twice as big - I cut it in half before stamping and embossing and the back cover is graced with the other half as well as the word "Unquote".

The pages are made from double sided Scraperdashery Shakespeare quote papers (although I haven't actually included any Shakespeare quotes in my A-Z), with small cardstock squares to contain the quotes. I had fun with the machine, sewing the quotes on securely and then I went a bit mad with various blooms and buttons, all stuck on with Diamond Glaze in the hope that they'll stand up to some handling.

The next little project on my blogging adventures is to try and make a slideshow to show each individual page ... but not tonight!


Mary B said...

didn't realise it was an A-Z book but now I see. please tell what is Z's quote?
btw I think it is beautifully executed and I love all the stitching

Rebekah said...

What a great idea! x