Thursday, 9 September 2010

Lean Mean Mini Books

A while ago my UKS team-mates Claire & Tracie asked me to come and teach at the Summer Workshop of their Exhall Crop, giving me carte blanche as to what I wanted to do.  After picking myself back up off the floor,  I decided that a mini-book with a difference might be the way to go and started playing around with some photocopied instructions from a Dutch book about mini-books. There was a cool one-sheet-of-paper book that I hadn't seen around in the UK, so I thought that would be good, but it was frankly a bit boring as it made a square 4"x4" book.  So I cut and folded and folded and cut ... until I came up with a book which wasn't square and had some extra pockets - not boring at all now!

I made up a prototype, ironed out some kinks and taught the class at the end of June.  It uses just one sheet of double sided patterned paper for the inner pages and one sheet of cardstock for the cover and tags - how frugal is that?

Phew - taken me an age to work out how to link to a slideshow - I'm sure there must be easier ways!


Sian said...

I've never seen anything quite like that before - it's really, really clever. I bet you could teach a few more classes on it if you wanted to.

happysnapper said...

how much to hire you for an exclusive retreat scraptastic20TEN just outside Durham with international attendees?

Nic said...

I can vouch that that Jemma's mini book is incredibly, incredibly clever and she's a fabulous teacher :-)

Sandie said...

This is a great book Jemma and a clever slide show - I am impressed!