Wednesday, 29 September 2010

The wrong direction!

Some more catching up for my LSNED album ... not all the completed pages, but enough for now; I'm still way behind but have been scrapping before work again in an effort to catch up. By the evenings my creative juices seem to have drained away.
The wrong direction?  I took it several times during the week of these pages and noticed its effects as well, but there are signs that some things are changing direction for the better too. :o)

My current efforts to lose weight involve me attempting to drink more water - 4 pints to be precise - it's not the drinking that's the problem - it's the processing!

September 17th has already been blogged here!

One of the few true "lessons" of this month, something I simply did not know before, despite owning and using a sewing machine for the last 30+ years: the stitch size in reverse does not match the size you've set it to when sewing forwards!  There was a time when I'd have got really upset at ruining my  double page with a line of stitching that didn't match the rest!  Not now though - I'll just chalk it up to experience and treat it like the Persians do - my little piece of imperfection to keep me grounded!
We took No.2 Son off to university today ... hopefully the right direction for him, but jolly hard for me!  Somehow I didn't manage to get a single photo - we were too, too busy helping him get sorted and by the time I remembered to get my camera out, permission was definitely NOT forthcoming! 

Hubby finally got some very good news today and it looks like the bank balance will be changing direction soon!

I spent an evening learning how to use my friend's Bind It All and remembered this quote from Confuscious - it definitely applies here - she's shown me several times how to punch holes and I was quite happy for her to show me again LOL.  Now that I've mastered the mechanisms I'm wondering whether to return it to her at all!
Several wrong turnings at Bramall Park hammered home the lesson that I really should read the hints more carefully when out geocaching in order not to have so many "Did Not Find"s!

Weigh in today - and I was NOT a happy bunny.  It just goes to show that while I can pretend I haven't eaten any chips or chocolate, the scales aren't playing along!

Just a week to go of September pages - and a couple of days to do them in - watch this space!


Mary B said...

Great pages and I love the explanations behind the layouts.

Sian said...

I love the way you have tied this all together, it makes a great post.

And four pints of water? How can I put this delicately? That's way out of my comfort zone..

Melissa said...

Your page looks great! I really like the geocaching lesson and the Yes/No/Maybe dice photo.