Saturday, 18 September 2010

Ever get the feeling?

Do you ever get the feeling that something wasn't meant to be?  When, no matter what you try, things keep going wrong?  I had that last night with my scrapbooking.  I was desperately trying to catch up with my Project 12 pages ~ the deadline for August is the 20th, and I've missed it for the last three months, so I wanted to do better with this one.  I also haven't scrapped any LSNED pages since the catch up at Golborne, leaving me 7 days behind with that!  I was looking forward to an evening's scrapping: Hubby and No.2 Son were meant to be out with their respective mates, Child No.3 could get on with her homework or watch TV ... only it didn't work out like that.  Hubby did indeed swan off to enjoy himself, leaving me to deal with hormonal histrionics, mine included :o)  Several hours of tears, tantrums, hugs, kisses and calm conversation later I managed to sit down in front of my stash!

I was tired, the light was bad, the table was cluttered ... which could explain why I cut the paper wrong, I cut the cardstock wrong, I had to print the journalling three times before it was straight and finally the sewing went wrong!  Or maybe I should have just picked up a book or watched TV myself?
Luckily I have become adaptable with my scrapping (there was a time when I'd have started from scratch after such a litany of disasters) and I'll let you into a little secret - that line of 1" circles is there for a reason!
The colour combo is a bit on the bright side, but it was determined by the (rather ancient) BG Solar Eclipse & Tangerine papers that I chose to use up.
I've run out of border punches to use in this album (hubby please note my birthday wishlist is up to date in plenty of time for next month!) so had to resort to cheese-holing with my Big Bite!
Right, better get catching up with LSNED now - but first to wake up the teenagers!


Sian said...

If it's any consolation, your pages have a lovely calm feel! I hope the rest of the weekend is a relaxing one.

Davinie Fiero said...

I'm so glad you were able to find the time to get this challenge finished. I really like how you were inspired by the BG paper in the design. Those circles are perfect!

Mary B said...

Love the LO and that chapter of incidences made me giggle. Poor you but it has turned out really well.

alexa said...

Love pages, Jemma, despite the problems! Love the colours and the way you've balanced everything across the spread.