Friday, 24 September 2010

Early morning lessons

I've been catching up a little on LSNED and thought I'd better blog the pages before I get even further behind.  I quite often scrap late at night, but was able to start relatively early yesterday and produced five simple pages in less time than normal.

I'm thankful for my Satnav which helped me reach Golborne crop a couple of weeks ago and gives me courage to attempt long drives to new places on my own.

I was astounded at how little urgency No.2 Son displayed about his impending departure to university ... I'd have had my bags packed and ready weeks ago.  With him, however, nothing is done until after the last minute, so with a week to go, the only preparation had been done by me!

This page was tied in with the UKS weekly challenge about obsessions, chocolate and circles and records my frustrating trip to Chester to snap a few more rhinos, only to find I was a day late!  I spent the day watching rhinos being carted off by the council and only managed this one new photo - I could have taken several shots of empty plinths!  By the way those are genuine rhino prints (well a single googled rhino foot? paw? print that I duplicated and rotated in Photoshop) wandering about on the page.

I was glad to be prescribed antibiotics ... I was suspecting something far worse!
On a happier note my Mum & I went to see "Love's A Luxury" at the local theatre.  Mum especially wanted to see the play because she had played one of the female leads in an amateur production back in 1959 or 1960 ... I never knew and what's more she found the photos to prove it.  I'm wondering just how much more there is that I don't know about her and whether we'll have enough time to share it all.  I also wonder when my kids will realise that I'm a person and not just their mother?


Mary B said...

Lovely pages Jemma.
Wow to your mum and her acting role, it's good to chat about the past before it's too late.
Love that clock in 12th LO is it yours or a google photo?
that quote on the 11th is thought provoking going to write that down before I forget it.

Sian said...

That was a lovely little story to end on :)

Allycat x said...

Great LOs - so sorry you missed the rhinos but a great lesson!