Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Blogiversary Part Two

There wasn't meant to be a part two - but there were two things to note about yesterday's Blogiversary post:

1) Poor Missus Wookie's number couldn't be found because her post didn't appear.  I know that MW had holiday plans and had scheduled something for me, but I also know that Blogger was throwing a few spanners around my friends' blogs yesterday!

ETA 3/8/11 - Missus Wookie's post is there now - Hooray!

Not to worry - there was actually a big little clue to the missing number in my number.  Did you look closely at it?  The missing number is also missing from it!  And MW's number is NOT missing!  So take another look (click onto it for a closer view), and if you have managed to narrow it down to two missing numbers ... you'll be able to eliminate one of them!

2) Mary posted the most wonderful little jpg to the comments yesterday - and I thought it deserved a proper airing!

I think I'm having so much fun that I'll plump for "Remind me next year" !!!


JulieJ said...

I'll stick with the number previously supplied thank-you (found the other in your post).

scrappyjacky said...

Love that little jpg!!!

Sandie said...

Well... this did get my brain going but I think I may have cracked it.
Love the jpeg! I may have to add it in retrospect lol.

happysnapper said...

fabulous you are such a clever girl never done a blog hop before and it was fun. you have talented friends :)

alexa said...

Such a fun picture from the talented Mary! and I am now more confused than ever aabout the missing number which isn't!