Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Fifty-Five Bags - Week 8

Tagxedo - 55 bags in 55 days - JimjamsAnother week of minimal de-cluttering for me ... and a photo fail with what little I did manage!

As part of the preparations for last weekend's Bloggers' Retreat (organised by Lizzie) I have been setting aside patterned papers, embellishments, mini-albums and stamps that I have no intention of using.  I stuffed a deep pizza box full with assorted papers as well as filling a bag with extras to give away or sell ... including two Clippy-Kit bags.  I had bought three at once to save on postage and have yet to finish decorating one!!!

Photo - Clippy-Kit Bag - Jimjams

The front pockets of the bag were completed late in 2006 I think, but the back of the bag still has nine empty pockets!  There's a matching 12x12 layout about my shopping addiction for my new (at that time) hobby.

Layout - Secret Scrapper - Jimjams
Spiral, stamp, Corner, chipboard, Rub-on
Alcohol ink, Punch, patterned paper
Photo {Pete (Duel)}, Eyelet, embossing, Ribbon
That's a real working mini-pizza box in the centre ... and it opens up to reveal journalling and some miniature bills from my early purchases (sadly quite a few of those shops have now closed)!

Layout detail - Pizza Box Contents - Jimjams

I was not the only person to arrive at the Bloggers' Weekend with unwanted stash and, on the basis of one scrapper's tat being another scrapper's must-have, we enjoyed a good root through each other's cast-offs.

Photo collage - De-clutter Week 8 - Jimjams
My thanks to Julie for these photos
There was still a fair bit of stash left afterwards (see the bottom right photo), but Sandie has connections with Brownies and took all the papers and stickers that nobody wanted ... so everyone managed a great deal of de-cluttering despite picking up the odd sheet or two of paper to bring back home again!


Mary B said...

well done on a useful de-clutter, how much stuff did you bring home?
I like the look of the grey and yellow paper you are thumbing through

Lesley G said...

Decluttering, minimal or not is STILL decluttering Jemma.
I must do the same with my stash, have so many old papers that I know I will never use but keep hold of it "just in case"

scrappyjacky said...

Sadly I think I came home with more than I took to give away!!

Ladkyis said...

I have a granddaughter who loves the bright, and dare I say garish, papers I bought from QVC 12 years ago. She is also a Brownie Guide so I was able to supply them with a box of bits. This decluttering is infectious you know. I said I would cheer from the sidelines, but only yesterday I had a darned good sort out in "the Study" and I now have enough old CDs to make two books and have put seven old instruction manuals into the recycling - you are very persuasive!

Missus Wookie said...

I definitely came home with more than I took but then I didn't take anything due to the train journey :) Was fun seeing everyones bits and pieces tho'.

Lizzie said...

I certainly did come home with some treasure... I have some gorgeous new embossing stencils/dies, which I will put to good use! And a couple of sheets (or maybe 3, or 4, or 5...hum..) of nice paper... and a fiskars shape boss (as I already had some of the stencils, it just seemed rude not to have it, especially when it was given to me!).
So much for de-cluttering eh?

And it was lovely to see you at the weekend - thank you so much for coming along!

Sian said...

Aha! This is the first actual photo of the weekend I have come across so far - and I'm very glad to see it. I've been feeling really quite far away lol Good fun, I'll bet!

Melissa said...

The last crop I organized we had a give-away table & it was fun to see what everyone brought & add a few things to my stash while getting rid of a few things I no longer loved.

I'm headed out today to drop off a small batch of donations, so I'm glad I saw this post to remind me to snap a photo to show I have actually done a LITTLE decluttering! :>)

Louise said...

looks like i missed that bit :) Good to see the photos of you all x

S said...

Oh I am so jealous - sounds like a wonderful getaway. I'm still driving around with a box in the back of my car that I must drop off to a local charity. It is funny how something can be tossed as "crap" to be redeemed as "scrap".

Sandie said...

A great idea to take a photo of everyone looking at the stash - what a lot there was!! Hope you managed to make some space in yours as part of your declutter. I certainly came home with more than I took!! lol

alexa said...

What a great effort nevertheless - some is always more than none! Lovely to be with you again :) at the weekend and looking forward to the next one. Brilliant that you kept those little receipts - they already have a story to tell in our recessionary times!

Sandra said...

A real win win really, crafting, chatting & decluttering, way to go :)

Jennifer Grace said...

Ha ha, I was too scared to jump in with this bit of rummaging! I still picked up a few bits at the end though, and my daughter was especially happy with a pack of fairy papers and some butterflies I brought back for her - apparently it means I'm allowed to go away again!

Love your little working pizza-box!! x

Alison said...

A little bit's better than nothing Jemma..great pics!
Alison xx

Chipper said...

De-stashing is still de-cluttering :-) I hope you had a great weekend!

Missus Wookie said...

Thought of you as we cleared and cleaned today - didn't think to take photos before but did take after shots to dh's amusement :lol:

DS took a bag to the charity shop and two boxes went out to the recycling. Have a promise from dd that the other recycling will be burned tomorrow as we don't have a shredder.