Thursday, 27 June 2013

Sunny Scavenging

Are you joining in with  Rinda's Summer 2013 Scavenger Hunt?  There'll be an end of the month round-up-so-far soon and I've just realised I hadn't got further than posting my first photo and am a couple of weeks late in processing (and posting) my photos from earlier in the month (during our brief summer)!

When I looked at the list I realised that I could get quite a few sorted just by strolling around in my lunch break:

Jimjams - Scavenger Hunt 2013 #02
#2 A Theatre For Performing Arts
Jimjams - Scavenger Hunt 2013 #10
#10 A Bench Outside (the Theatre)
Not very comfortable looking is it?!  Around the corner was the Town Hall and some more uncomfortable, partially-backed benches:

Jimjams - Scavenger Hunt 2013 #3
#2 A Civic Building
01 - Open Air Market photo 01-OpenAirMarket450x600.jpg
#1 An Open Air Market
And, because it was a Friday, the weekly market was in full flow in the town centre!  Four photos in 10 minutes is not bad going, don't you agree?!

I can't believe how glorious the weather was when I took those pictures, especially as today's weather was simply awful.  I certainly wasn't wearing shorts and sunglasses for my stroll on the beach:
Jimjams - Another Place (at the height of the British Summer)!
Another Place (in the) altogether!
Despite the weather, I did take several more photos for the Scavenger Hunt, but they will have to wait for Rinda's Roundup!

P.S.  With Google Reader's imminent demise I have been forced to try to get to grips with an alternative reader, Feedly.  Having signed up at the beginning of June, hated the change and run straight back to Google Reader like an ostrich, I was pleased, yesterday, to see that they've made a "Follow On Feedly" button (now added to my sidebar).  However, I'm still struggling to keep up with my blog reading while I get to grips with Feedly's interface.  How are you coping with the change-over?


Chipper Newman said...

I tried out a few readers and found Feedly suited me the best. I have all my blogs in groups to make it easier. For those that I just scroll through and cherry pick to read (ie blogs that post 30 posts a day!) I keep in one group so that marking them as read is a one click move.

But I like interaction and I have found commenting time consuming (if you come up with something easy let me know). So now I scroll through and anything I know I am going to comment on I click to open in a new tab that way I am already at the site when I read it and just comment and close the tab. I have slowly found a new process but nothing is quite as streamlined as google reader was!

Did you add the toolbar so that you have the little icon hovering at the bottom right? It makes subscribing to blogs really quick. I didn't know they had finally made a blog button so I shall have to go and find it :-) Isn't it funny how easy it is to get set in our ways LOL

Maria Ontiveros said...

I"m also using feedly and still getting the hang of it. I want to know more about the tool bar thingie that Chipper mentioned for adding new blogs.
And great finds - I especially love the theater. Be sure to add yourself to the linky this weekend.

Lesley G said...

Feedly for me too, couldn't get on with Bloglovin :(

scrappyjacky said...

Some great finds there.

Missus Wookie said...

Great finds for ten minutes - yes the weather has been um changeable.

I'm on Feedly too - finding clicking through to comment ok but haven't added any blogs to it yet... that will come I'm sure.

Sian said...

I ran straight back to google Reader too. I put everything into Bloglovin, then it all disappeared and I did it again. Tried Feedly and didn't like it, so I guess I'm stuck with Bloglovin for now. It's such a shame..and it's going to be interesting to see the effect on the volume of blog readers generally next week and beyond

Anonymous said...

That was a great 10 minutes! I'm on feedly too but I can't say that I'm liking it. Commenting is not as easy as google reader was and I find that the feedly on my iPad does not match up to when I'm on my laptop so I'm seeing posts I've already read on there. It would sure help if they matched up.

furrypig said...

well done on getting some pics for the hunt, I keep meaning to look at the list!

I have gone to bloglovin in fact I made myself start using a while ago so I didn't have a last minute panic!

Beverly said...

Definitely a good ten minutes work but ya'll have some very uncomfortable looking benches. I decided a few months ago I would let the rest of you figure out the reader thing but it seems quite a few of us made that decision lol I read some opinions and last week tried Bloglovin' but I did not love it. Next I tried Feedly and while I don't love it (yet) it'll do. Of course I am hanging on to GR until it's last breathe.

Melissa said...

Great scavenger hunt photos! I finally started today & will be posting mine very soon.

I've had trouble getting adjusted to Bloglovin' and really not sure I'm lovin' it!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Great photos! I wonder if anyone sits on that bench?

I've switched to feedly but I notice that my blog feed from feedburner has not. The feed from Word Press has though so some people see my posts & others don't depending on how they subscribed. feedly says they are working on it. *sigh* Makes me wonder who else's blog posts I'm not seeing.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Thanks for linking up today. And thanks for the feedly advice.

Sandie said...

Great photos Jemma, i love taking photos in a limited time as i see it as a challenge and fun. I panicked yesterday when i learned I'd been an ostrich and risked loosing my reader list. Not tried it yet but did go on to Bloglovin as a temporary precaution.
i don't like change when it is imposed on me this way but hope something good comes out of it. Can't think why Google have withdrawn their reader 😒

qwiksave said...

I commented on the reader changes today too! Boo, Google! ya meanies.

Good idea to zap through a few pics, useful when the things you want are to hand. The weather did pick up the weekend (yay) but not quite so good today - some good looking clouds though for your pictoral cloud photo.

alexa said...

I love your beach companion :). And the sunny photos are perfect for the hunt. I keep thinking I ought to start but am out off by the grey skies - doesn't look very summery!i am using Feedly too and quite like it but also find it doesn't keep pace between the ipad and the Mac, so I do all my reading and commenting on the ipad. Annoyingly there a few blogs where the comment never saves!

Textile Recycler said...

Love the architecture! and the lighting on that bench was begging for you to take it's picture...