Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Soaked Scavenging

Time for another few photos for Rinda's Summer 2013 Scavenger Hunt.  Last month I posted some sunny pictures when it was raining and today I'm posting some photos taken on a VERY wet day while we're enjoying a mini-heatwave!

My friend & I spent the day walking around the coast north of Liverpool, including a visit to Formby's Red Squirrel Preserve where we spotted THREE red squirrels (or perhaps it was one red squirrel three times?).  My poor camera was on maximum zoom as the feeders were quite far away and even then, the squirrels move so fast that we struggled to get any photos, let alone good ones.

Jimjams - Scavenger Hunt 2013 #11
#11 Animal In A Nature Preserve
Photo - Red Squirrel (on maximum zoom) - Formby

Hopefully, you can just about see that there is a red squirrel with a dark bushy tail to the left of the tree trunk ... I will try to grab a better shot for #11, but this may have to do!

While travelling south towards Crosby Beach to see Anthony Gormley's "Another Place" I spotted an unusual garden ornament:

Jimjams - Scavenger Hunt 2013 #16
#16 Windmill
Upon reaching the beach I put away my umbrella, not because it had stopped raining, but because it was blowing a gale and the brolly was trying to invert itself!  We were soaked, as was the beach (the tide was coming in not out)!  "Another Place" is a collection of  identical 6ft 2in cast iron statues placed along a two mile stretch of the coast.  The sea submerges some of them; others have been half-buried by shifting sands.

Photo - Crosby Beach in the wind and rain - June 2013Photo - Crosby Beach in the wind and rain - June 2013

After a long walk past about half the 100 statues, we took shelter in Crosby Leisure Centre where I spotted a slightly different version of the sculpture inside the swimming pool:

Jimjams - Scavenger Hunt 2013 #14
#14 Mosaic
Having found four Scavenger Hunt photos in 10 minutes, I felt that three finds was a bit disappointing for a whole day out ... so I had no hesitation grabbing a fourth upon our return to the train station: an illegally parked ...

Jimjams - Scavenger Hunt 2013 #15
#15 Police Car
So that's now 9 down and 11 more items to find.  Are you joining in with Rinda's Summer 2013 Scavenger Hunt?  How are you getting on?


Sian said...

I'd love to see the sculpture IRL, something about it really appeals.

I have my list copied into my holiday notebook ready to get stuck in very soon

Chipper Newman said...

I love your mosaic! I was wondering where you were heading with statue pictures and then it all made sense. I love red squirrels. My husband lived in a house in Northumberland as a kid called 'Squirrels Leap'. His Uncles house used to have a forest with red squirrels in them next door, but the last time we visited they had begun to get pushed out by grey ones :(

helena said...

sounds a great day out - red squirrels and A gormley statues and scavenger hunt items

scrappyjacky said...

The sculptures look amazing.

Sandie said...

Lucky you seeing the red squirrels. I've been to Fornby twice with no sighting. Luckily this year I had more success in Devon and finally saw my first red squirrels and got some great shots.
You have some lovely photos for your list. I love seeing what everyone is taking.. and the different takes such as your windmill in a garden .

Maria Ontiveros said...

Those statutes are awesome!
I think there's not been very many animals posted. I want to get to the zoo soon.

Tracy said...

Well done. You are doing well. I also like that sculpture.

Alison said...

Love the mosaic statue...I have come to a bit off a standstill, though I did manage to photograph a Civic building this week!
Alison xx

Beverly said...

Good work on a gloomy looking day. Those statues are awesome, I'd love to see them IRL!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Great collection of photos! Love the mosaic!

JulieJ said...

Well done on the windmill. Definitely one of the most challenging - mine's a cheat.

Lesley G said...

Great photos of your wet day out. Love the mosaic statue :)

alexa said...

Your mosaic statue is quite a find - how unusual. And sorry to read about the rain :(. We've had none for ages, most uncharacteristically. Well spotted windmill - you have clearly a sharp eye!

Lesley G said...

Great pictures, busy day! Love the sign and the sunset :)