Thursday, 10 July 2014

Holiday Scavenging - First Trip To Scotland

Last year I did succeed in completing Rinda's 2013 Scavenger Hunt entirely during on our Scandinavian road trip.  Which was just as well, because my scavenging outside the holiday didn't manage to tick all the boxes.
This year, I thought it would be a taller order to complete the 2014 Summertime Scavenger Hunt in a week's break in Durham and Edinburgh ... and so it has proved :-(
Let's see what I managed:

First there was another visit to No.1 Son and his lovely girlfriend in their new house ...

ZIZO #38

and I knew where to Zoom In (for the 28th time) ... to find a tattoo on a person:

Holiday Scavenger Hunt 2014 # 8 Tattoo + ZIZO #28
#8 A tattoo on a person
Please don't ask me what the chemical symbols are ... trust me, you don't want to know!!
After a couple of days visiting with them, we drove on to Scotland where we were thrice welcomed:

Holiday Scavenger Hunt 2014 # 1 Welcome Sign
#1 Welcome to Scotland (in Gaelic too)
Holiday Scavenger Hunt 2014 # 1 Welcome Sign
#1 Welcome to Edinburgh
Holiday Scavenger Hunt 2014 # 16 Multi-lingual Sign
#16 A multi-lingual sign outside a pub
We stayed four nights in a lovely 3 bedroom town-house near the Royal Mile and our walk to the city's attractions would either take us past a bakery ...

Holiday Scavenger Hunt 2014 # 9 Bakery
#9 A bakery
Holiday Scavenger Hunt 2014 # 6 Urban Street Scene
#6 An urban street scene
... or some amazing graffitti.  Our first stop was the Tourist Information Centre, where we spotted (you guessed it!) tourists ...

Holiday Scavenger Hunt 2014 # 4 Tourists
#4 A group of tourists
Holiday Scavenger Hunt 2014 #5 Postcard Rack
#5 A rack of postcards
... and postcards!  Having picked up a map or two we made our way past the Princes Street Gardens and spotted Edinburgh Castle in the distance:

Holiday Scavenger Hunt 2014 #19 Public Garden
#19 Public Gardens
Holiday Scavenger Hunt 2014 # B Birdhouse
Substitute B A birdhouse
What an amazing ornamental clock ... plus a bird house instead of a garden gnome!  I could not spot a gnome anywhere ... the Scots must have too much taste!

Score so far: 8/21 (1,4,5,6,8,9,16,19) and one substitution (B for 2) plus ZIZO #28
Part 2 of my Holiday Scavenging coming soon!


Maria Ontiveros said...

Wow! What a great group of finds.
There are so many that I love, but my favorite is probably the public garden.

helena said...

well done, fun to see my city through your eyes and I had totally forgotten there is a birdhouse there

Missus Wookie said...

such a neat group of finds. I like the birdhouse - see I really should have taken the list with me.... Ah well - hope you find a gnome south of the border!

scrappyjacky said...

Some great holiday captures.

Sandra said...

You've done really well so far and got some great finds in the mean time. I'm hoping gnomes haven't disappeared from the UK, we need more people with a sense of fun these days x

Jane said...

lovely photos, like the tattoo.

K said...

You're doing well!
Now I really want to know what the tattoo means.

Melissa said...

Great job spotting so many of the scavenger hunt items!! I'm hoping to find a few things on our upcoming trip to the Canadian Rockies!

Louise said...

I'm saving the list for our holiday! Fab group of photos and now i'm intrigued with the symbols x

Sarah said...

Some fab photos there!!! I'm still hoping to do the photo hunt ... I really must get organised & print that list!! :)

Anonymous said...

great captures!!

Karen said...

Fabulous finds!!! Looks like a great holiday!

Prairie Jill said...

What a wonderful series of photographs! A great holiday and you got so many scavenger hunt items - how cool is that?!

MiniOwner said...

Wow Jemma, you have some amazing photos.
Sue x

Lesley G said...

Brilliant Jemma!
I hope you weren't the driver when taking those "welcome" signs!!!
I must remember to ask you about that tattoo next week :O

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Wonderful photos! I love the last one!
I tried to get most of mine on vacation as well but had mixed success.

alexa said...

You have been most assiduous on holiday! Splendid collection and the floral display is stunning.

S said...

Fun snapshots, thanks for sharing.

Lady Ella said...

Great pics. Love the multilingual sign, but the flower clock is breathtaking!