Saturday, 26 September 2015

Pass The Page 2015

I've just spent a grand weekend in the company of some lovely scrapbookers.  It was the fourth meet-up for some while others had a chance to reconnect after a year's absence. For three brave ladies it was an introduction to a supportive, creative, giggling gaggle and for one particular crafter, it was a chance to show off her 2½ week old baby!  Some one-handed cutting and sticking was done, but there were more than a dozen willing "aunties" happy to cosset such a sweet wee thing.  Here we all are balancing on a handy fire escape at the Royal Agricultural University:

Jimjams - Photo - Bloggers Go Fourth & Craft Weekend - RAU
Ruth, Fay, Jo, K (& baby), Zahra, Missus Wookie, Claudia, Alison, Mel
Kathy, Jacky, Julie, Alexa, Lizzie and Me!
We'd got into the creative mood even before the weekend started, by doing a Pass The Page scraplift and perhaps you've already been following the progress along the path taken by Julie's original page.  I was last in the chain and received Ruth's version:

Ruth - Layout - Original Inspiration for Pass the Page

I kept the central band and matching top and bottom borders but adjusted the sizes to match the supplies I had in my September Counterfeit Kit.  Those two layered anchors transformed and extended into three faux Polaroids and I added some enamel dots as they weren't in my kit.

Jimjams - Layout - Stock Photo

The photo is for our Disney 2004 album ... it must be nearly finished by now ... hard to believe that little girl on the left is just starting her 2nd year at university!

Mel's photo of the pages all together

Looking back at the chain of pages we came a long way from Julie's original - it was especially fun to line them up and see the gradual metamorphosis. Thanks for a fun challenge Julie x


Kathyk said...

Fabulous layout, lovely pix ... I can see me on the steps too!

Great blog hop too, thanks


Fay aka Beautifullily said...

I like have you've adapted Ruth's elements to suit your page, very good!

furrypig said...

I can definitely see my page in yours and love how you adapted it, love your photo of all the pages lined up and of course the one of all of us on the staircase xxx

scrappyjacky said...

I love how the 2 pages are so different, but keep a real connection between the 2.

Missus Wookie said...

Such a great set of pages - I too like seeing them all together and being able to follow the developments along the row.

Thanks for organising such a great weekend - and taking that group photo :)

alexa said...

Super photo of us all, and thank-you so much for masterminding it and herding us into position! The blues and yellows of earlier pages have transmuted into something more subtle here, and you've kept the single photo and strong title element. Fascinating to see the unfolding of them all ... Another super page to finish up with :).

misteejay said...

Great LO.
I love the photo on that spiral staircase and can't wait to see how you scrap it.
Toni xx

K said...

Great page to end on, so different from where we started.
Love the colour combination used.

Sian said...

Aw, I'm a bit sorry to have reached the end. I was enjoying that! Of course I love how it ended up and I'm sure you won't mind me saying that it's just as nice to see the photo above: all those happy faces!

Lisa said...

sounds like it was a good weekend and a lot of fun. I have my weekly Thursday evening but a whole weekend must be even better. I really like the colours you've used for your page and it sounds like a fun challenge - squirrelling that one away for a possible in the future!

Susanne said...

What a fab crop that must have been with all those friends. Your layout looks great, what a fun way to pass along the scrappy good times.

Clair said...

Such a fabulous challenge - and how lovely to see all of the layouts together!

Anonymous said...

So nice to see all those wonderful faces, some of whom I've been missing. I love your interpretation of Ruth's version with the broad borders top and bottom.