Monday, 7 December 2015

December Documented with the CKCB

Over at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog, the Master Forgers are sharing kits to help document December in various ways.  I showcased my kit yesterday ...

Jimjams - CKCB Document December Kit

... and today I am sharing my project ...

Jimjams - 25 Days of Christmas Lean Mean MAXI-book

It's based on my original Lean Mean Maxi-Book, but with an added half-sheet of patterned paper to extend it and allow for 25 photos or snippets of journalling.

A standard Lean Mean MAXI-book needs 2½ sheets of good quality patterned paper for the inner pages (instructions here) and one sheet of cardstock for the cover (instructions here).  My extended version needs 2½ sheets of patterned paper plus an extra ½ sheet (mine was the same pattern as one of the full sheets I'd used for the last half of the book which allowed me to make a double page spread for Christmas Day):

Jimjams - 25 Days of Christmas Lean Mean MAXI-book - day 25

Simply make up the cover and inside pages - but don't stick them together yet!.  Measure the depth of the spine of the inner pages - mine was 3/16".  Cut a 5"x12" strip from the extra ½ sheet of patterned paper.  Score the strip 5" away from the right hand edge of the strip and make a second score line, to the left of this, that is the smae as the depth of your inner pages spine.  Trim the strip 5" beyond this second score line.  Punch a semi-circle half-way along the top edge of the left-hand 5" section.  Adhere the other three sides of the left hand 5" section to the front of your inner pages to make a pocket for a tag.  The right-hand 5" section of the extra strip of paper is now stuck down onto the centre section of the cover, over the ribbon tie (see the cover instructions).  Finish off the cover construction, decorate and you are ready to Document December!

Jimjams - 25 Days of Christmas - cover detail

All of the inner pages are shown on the CKCB today.
In fact there's inspiration every day of December on the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog; please join us and share your creations on our Mr Linky page.


LCSmithSAVED said...

It's after midnight here but this looks like a quick & simple do that will give me a really exciting little mini! Thx so much for sharing :)

Sian said...

It has everything I look for in a perfect mini album: tags and tucked in bits and pull out bits: pretty much perfect in other words

Lesley G said...

Do I see pink!!!???

Lovely kit and a cute little book to boot :)

Missus Wookie said...

This is cute.

alexa said...

That's a great project and your addition has made it perfect for December. Hoping you have had a very happy Chritmas.

Lisa said...

such a great mini. I would love to see it finished off - will have to see if perhaps you have posted some of the completed pages. I might well pin this page for the instructions for the book at a later time - as you know, I'm not a huge mini maker but this really does appeal. I really like the mix of pages and pockets.