Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Scrapping Feelings and Scrapping Freely

One of my audition pages using an online Warholiser
Some of you may remember this post when I revealed that I'd made it through to the final 15 of the UKS Scrap Factor competition, by agreeing to switch from Paper to Hybrid scrapping.  Well, it's Week 4 of voting and Week 5 of creating and I'm still just about hanging in there.
It's rather an odd competition because it's not yet about winning, it's about not losing at the moment.  Each week the two scrappers with the least votes go head-to-head with a new page (not the page from that week's theme) and one of these is eliminated.  We don't get to see the votes, nor are comments allowed while the voting is in progress ... it's an odd feeling to have no idea how well you are doing, or indeed how many close shaves or near misses you've had!
I guess it's all good experience though :D

I've had a steep learning curve trying to incorporate hybrid elements into all my entries but have come across a remarkable number of free supplies and haven't (yet) had to spend any money at all on the competition - my fellow forgers on the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog would be so proud of me! 

Here are a few links I have found useful so far:

Oscraps - lots of free kits including this fab date stamp set - so versatile!
Designer Digitals - some freebies and helpful (video) tutorials too
Louise Fortune has designed some universally useful free printables.
UKScrappers is also having a weekly digi/hybrid give-away this year, featuring several digi/hybrid designers - details available in the UKS library here, and the downloads are available here.

Don't forget that everyone can play along with the competition - and be in with a chance of a small weekly prize in one of the three categories (Paper, Hybrid or Digi) - the deadline for Week 5 (Scrap with ONE photo) is 8pm BST Sunday May 15th.


Anonymous said...

Good for you for trying something new! Thanks for all the links; I will be sure to check them out.

Best of luck with the competition! Sue

Cheri said...

Good luck with the competition. Is there someplace we can vote for you?

Sian said...

I think it's a bit of a shame UKS hasn't made more of a thing out of the competition - you are all putting yourselves out there and giving it a go and they should be flashing your names in lights!

Very best of luck with the next round

Beverly said...

I love the audition page in the post. I'd find the process nerve wracking with no real feedback, I'm sure as a math person you'd be interested in the numbers. Good luck, can't wait to read the post where you announce you made the final cut :)

Alison said...

Good luck with the next round!

furrypig said...

great links and I will definitely use those date/time stamps

helena said...

well done, I'd find it hard to be hybrid for every piece

I get most of my digi supplies free too - have you seen the cuddlebeez site and the blogtrain blog that every other month has blog hop around digi designers sites with downloads

WendyB said...

I'd forgotten about the competition as I don't visit UKS much any more. Off to have another look though and perhaps vote ;-) Great page in this post.

In my early days of digi I used Ikea Goddess to source free stuff, she stopped doing it a couple of years ago but there is still a long list of places she used as sources on her blog. Might be worth a shot if you're looking for mew stuff.

Missus Wookie said...

Congrats on not losing so far - Hybrid is something I dabble in and enjoy. Jessica Sprague has some freebies too.