Thursday, 14 November 2013

Secret Style Swap

Lisa recently asked the whole Master Forger team over at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog to define our scrapbooking "style" by answering a questionnaire.  She mixed the style sheets up and supplied us each with the answers provided by another Master Forger.  We were then challenged to make a page in the style of our secret swap partner.  I was hoping I wouldn't be required to scrap with too much pink or florals or glitter ... and luckily I did manage to avoid all of those!

Today the Master Forgers are sharing the results of the style swaps and you may have arrived from Dawn (especially if you started on the CKCB here).

While I was waiting for my style swap partner's questionnaire I had a bash at scrapping according to my own answers:

CPH Walking Tour detail photo CPHWalkingTourdetail1400x300.jpg• started with a sketch
  (#6 from Scrapbook Generation's Travel Sketch Book)
• used a colourful, cardstock background
• chose several event-themed, cropped, standard-sized prints
• stuck to straight lines and geometric patterns
• kept things clean & simple with no messy techniques
• placed elements off centre and used visual triangles
• distessed/sanded/inked/torn/stitched edges
• used classic products from a variety of collections
  (my October Counterfeit Kit)
• mixed up my title letters and added handwritten journalling

Jimjams - Layout LHS - Copenhagen Walking Tour

... and because I had answered that I occasionally do double pages (and that book of sketches is crammed full of brilliant ones), it seemed appropriate that there was a second page of photos from our free walking tour of Copenhagen this summer:

Jimjams - Layout RHS - Copenhagen Walking Tour

... making a double page spread that I recognise as mine, but is probably a little cleaner and simpler than most of my single pages thanks to the number of photos:

Jimjams- DLO - Copenhagen Walking Tour

Then it was time to have a go with my style swap partner's answers:

Posh Nosh detail photo PoshNoshdetail400x300.jpg
• start from a single momentous, standard-sized photo
• use a neutral, patterned paper background
• feature clustered angles and visual triangles
• strike a balance between sticker sneeze and clean & simple
• centralise the main elements
• keep the tones muted with organic and girly patterns
• use classic products from a variety of collections
• mix up the title letters and add handwritten journalling
distress/sand/ink/tearn/stitch edges

Jimjams - layout - Posh Nosh

I think I managed most of the instructions: a single, cropped, photo from No.1 Son's recent holiday in Thailand, using muted papers and mixed-collection embellishments from my November Counterfeit Kit along with a scrap of girly (?), swirly patterned paper.  The title is made from two different alphabets but I have yet to add the journalling because No.1 Son can't remember the name of the restaurant they ate in ... I shall have to call his girlfriend and find out.  To be honest, I forgot about the edge distressing and struggled with the angled clustering, but I really like the use of a neutral patterned sheet as a background and will definitely be trying that again.

Now all that remains is to guess just whose style I have counterfeited ... I was torn between Lynette, Milissa and Stephanie because most of the other Forgers love getting messy with inks ... but I have to choose one, so I'll plump for Milissa!

I wonder who Julene was swapped with ...and whether she had trouble adapting her style?


Lesley G said...

Great double page layout (glad you weren't my partner!) with the bright bold colours. Love your "partner" page too with the subtle colours - a very different style for you but you certainly did it justice :)

Julene Matthews said...

Very nice double layout. I love the bright colours and clean lines.After reading the description I know it isn't me.

Mandy said...

that's fabulous!!! hmnn, you are different and you've done creatively very well! I have NO idea who you got... it isn't dawn, I just came from there and she loves messy!

Angela Coles said...

wonderfully dramatic 2 pager and your style swap page is really nice - well done.

scrappyjacky said...

Love those bright colours on your double page....and the different sized letters look so effective....I must try that more often.

Sian said...

What a really intriguing idea this is. I can see a few rounds of this in blogland happening: it's an inspired way of getting us thinking. I am drawn to that lovely page with the neutral patterned background: you could probably guess it would be my pick! Lovely

sassyscrapper said...

Not me, but I would be honored to be associated with this page :) Really nice work with both pages. Love your bold red on your layout and the clusters on the second. So much fun!

Missus Wookie said...

I like the idea as well as both pages - interesting way to make you think of your style and try something new.

Beverly said...

Love both but am especially drawn to your black, gray and red layout.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

They both are really nice. I love the muted look of the second. Bu the bold red color on the two page spread really catches my eye & draws it to the photos!

Tina Campbell said...

Very cool double page just love the bold color! I love the partner page too for it not being your style you did very well with

LCSmithSAVED said...

YOU were my Mystery Partner! Had fun channeling my inner Jemma :~D
Your pages were wonderful. Love the Posh Nosh title!

Margie said...

Love your pages! Both are awesome!

Stephanie said...

great pages! I love the red and white on the first layout, and the variety of cheerful colors on the second.

Alison said...

Love both your pages Jemma....the red is so striking!
Alison xx

alexa said...

Your Posh Nosh page just fulfils the criteria perfectly and thus is such a cool swap idea. I really like your two pager with that great lettering for the title.

Isbaha said...

What a fun game ! You couldn't choose better than red to make your photos pop, I love your layout !
The secons one is so different, but also very pretty.

Lisa said...

Yes! That first spread is very you. Really love how you rock those simple bright colours and lines. But wow, you managed the muted, angled, layered one so well too. I really like that chevron aperture background too. I look forward to seeing more of that. Thanks so much for getting into the whole challenge! You did great!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Love how this turned out! I epecially lvoe the colors in the first one.
I've been out of blog land for the last month, but it's good to be back!

Lisa-Jane said...

Its not "you" but I really like what you've done. Great stuff!

One Scrap Happy Momma said...

I really like both layouts, but it is odd how we get used to seeing a certain style from people so I must say I like your layout in your style most because its, well, more you!