Friday, 1 November 2013

Newvember Kit

Jimjams - Kit detail - Pink Paislee Portfolio die cuts
Hello and welcome to another month of kit counterfeiting with the Counterfeit kit Challenge Blog.  This month we are are joined by Vikki our guest designer for November who starts the counterfeiting ... and if you started at the beginning you will have hopped over to me from fellow Master Forger Dawn.

The kit(s)-to-copy are Jenni Bowlin's offerings for October and, if I'm totally honest, I wasn't blown away by them.  Not my style as I don't really do floral :-(

Jenni Bowlin - October 2013 Main Kit

Furthermore I was itching to use some new scrapbook supplies, having just celebrated a medium birthday (ending in a 5) by splurging for the first time this year!  So this month I decided to counterfeit with new stash using some of the original kit's colours and patterns as a starting point:

Starting with the 3 papers on the top row, I found an orange diagonal, a blue dot and a grey chevron from Simple Stories Urban Traveller's Basics Kit;  the next row of papers in the original were counterfeited with papers using a grey grid, blue hexagons, a red dotty (did I mention that I struggle with florals?), a cream ledger and multi-coloured circles, all from three 6x6 pads (Studio Calico Snippets and Simple Stories 24/Seven and Urban Traveller).

Jimjams - November 2013 Counterfeit Kit

I added a couple of other sheets from the pads to pad (!) out the papers and chose a selection of 3x4 cards from the Urban Traveller & 24/Seven collections.  A couple of alphas, a roll of washi, some acetates, flair buttons and die-cuts later my kit was nearly ready.

Jimjams - November 2013 Counterfeit Kit - reverse papers

I had a quick look at the embellies in the Jenni Bowlin add-on kits and loved the sparkly buttons in the Artisan Add-On ... and made my own!

Orange Stripes/Map, Navy Dots/Ledger & Chevron/Grey Concrete from Simple Stories Urban Traveller's Basics Kit
B side of Okay from Studio Calico Snippets
Today from Simple Stories 24/Seven
A side of Stop from Studio Calico Snippets
Notebook/Yellow Honeycomb from SS 24/Seven
Lets Go, Downtown & Goodtimes, Bingo Cards/Coloured Dots from SS Urban Traveller
3x4 Journalling Card Elements from SS Urban Traveller & 24/Seven
Jimjams - Counterfeited buttonsWebsters Pages Transparency Cards
Die Cuts from Pink Paislee's Portfolio Ephemera
WRMK Orange washi
American Crafts Flair Buttons
AC Meadow Thickers
SS Sn@p! Typeset, Letters & Icons stickers
Glittery tiles ... who knows where these came from?
Counterfeited Queen & Co Sparkle Buttons

I'm really excited to get started with my new goodies - I'll be back with details of button experiments in a few days.  In the meantime please hop over to Julene to see whether she's used old stash or new stash in her counterfeiting.


Angela Coles said...

great kit, nice papers and cute buttons

Missus Wookie said...

I like the colours you've chosen - lovely kit :-)

Sassy Breese said...

What better treat for a birthday than a shopping spree at the LSS? And it's low calorie too. Belated birthday greeting.

Good job on reworking the kit to suit your wants and needs.

Lisa said...

I am scrapping with new stash right now but I can't believe you managed till NOW to buy new stuff this year! Wow - you are very disciplined. I really think your kit mirrors the inspiration kit really well even though it's quite different at the same time and you stayed true to yourself! Thank heavens we are all different!

Sian said...

It's really good fun to see a completely different take on a kit with a very definite style of its own. That's the beauty of the counterfeiting game!

alexa said...

I do like your take on it, especially with those great chevron patterns. So interesting to see how each person develops their own!

Margie said...

Your kit is bang-on! Great kit!

li-bee-ti said...

Love your take on the inspiration kit!

sassyscrapper said...

You've really made this kit your own and it is not missing a thing without the florals. I see the color connection completely. Happy belated and good for you for digging into your new stash!

One Scrap Happy Momma said...

I love, love, LOVE this kit! So pretty! I can't believe you haven't bought anything all year! Amazing! I didn't even notice the florals were missing.

LCSmithSAVED said...

Those buttons look like hard candy - hmmm... and edible scrapbook page??? I can't wait to hear more! Good on you for putting your birthday stash to good use :~D

Texas Cattlewoman said...

Gorgeous!!! I love the patterns and colors in your paper selection! I'm drooling over your embellishments! Looking forward to the buttons in a few days! Now I wish I had your discipline on purchasing this year! From now to March though I rarely purchase and maybe can decrease the stash a bit....maybe!


kate blue said...

color palatte like the original and making your own glitter buttons=awesome! Treating yourself is good every so often!!

mandysea said...

Got to say I felt like you in kind of a way, though didn't see it as floral, more like autumn and Halloween when isn't celebrated here in Australia especially us going into Spring... but I did love the colour of the little feathers in one of the add-ons so went solely on that - and boy am I happy with my kit!! I've loved what you did to and reading about how your process was too!! Your kit is awesome - will be fun!!!

Julene Matthews said...

A very lovely choice of items in your kit and your buttons look really interesting.Can't wait to find out how they are done.

Sandra said...

You're going to have so much fun with that kit, it's fabulous

JulieJ said...

This month's kit is so much more you than all that pink you were presented with last month.

S said...

I like what you have there - and I really like the idea of a Newvember kit. You are an enabler of the best sort!

Tara O said...

Hey you! I haven't played along in so long! I do check out your blog all the time, whether or not I comment. ;)

I love this month's kit. You are going to have some wonderful LO's with this! And the FIRST time splurging...WOW. GO YOU!!!

Stephanie said...

Beautiful kit Jemma & happy (belated) birthday! Glad you got to splurge a little :)

Tricia said...

Awesome job of making it your own!

Clair said...

When I saw the inspiration kits this month, I thought you'd be pleased with the colours. They definitely seem to fit what I think of as 'Jemma Style'. So pleased that you could incorporate some new stash (isn't that lovely on occasion?) and have been able to play with birthday goodies x