Sunday, 16 March 2014

Unexpected Mail

When I'm expecting some post, I end up listening for the footsteps of the postman striding up our garden path and the clunk of the letterbox flap combined with the thump of mail falling to the hall mat.  These days there is quite a lot of junk mail delivered with the regular post, but when I was younger, the bills were fewer and the hand addressed mail more regular.  The anticipation of opening an envelope written in an unfamiliar hand was only exceeded by the happy recognition of a letter from an old pal.

These days it's all too easy to dash off a quick e-mail or post something short on social media.  Less thought and effort can go into "talking" this way, and quite often less attention goes into "listening" like this.  A physical letter can be read and re-read while it hangs around on the side table; a postcard adds some colour to the kitchen noticeboard; both remind you to get back in touch with the sender!

Jimjams - Happy Mail
A couple of my blog friends (Ruth & Mel) have been making an effort to send real mail out during February: their cards really brightened my month along with a wee prize and a beautiful thank you note.  A great reminder that post doesn't have to mean payment and a nudge to put pen to paper a little more often myself!


furrypig said...

so glad to have brightened your day xxx hope to be doing it in person soon!

Sian said...

I was lucky enough to receive a card from Ruth - and it made a not-very-good-day a whole lot better. I'm hopeless at emails, in that typing stops me from thinking about what I really want to say. You get a better me if I write it down on a bit of paper, I think, so I'm a great fan of the letter or card

Louise said...

Ahhh happy mail sounds perfect x

Missus Wookie said...

I was lucky enough to get a postcard from Mel and it has made me smile every time I see it.

Lesley G said...

I'm a bit of a postie stalker when I'm expecting mail and I hate nothing more than watching him walk from next door to the other next door without leaving me anything. What a lovely idea!