Monday, 8 September 2014

Corking Chipboard Embellishments

Jimjams - Counterfeited cork embellishments
Scrapbook Circle have exclusive cork chipboard die cuts in their August kit, being counterfeited by the CKCB this month.

I had just ONE cork embellishment - a plain pinked cork circle.
But I did have some chipboard frames, some cork patterned paper (from the Simple Stories 24/Seven 6x6 pad), some stamps and a few rub-ons ...


... now I have my own set of exclusive "cork" embellishments!

Some are simply designs (stamps or rub-ons) added onto the cork paper and carefully cut out.  However to give them some depth I decide to cover some chipboard with the cork patterned paper.  It's really easy to do, especially if you have some precision files (mine are Basic Grey, but they are also sold very cheaply in DIY shops too) but sandpaper or an emery board will work for simple shapes:

Jimjams - "cork" covered chipboard

Jimjams - filing chipboard
Stick the chipboard face down onto the back of your cork patterned paper, making sure that the glue goes right to the edge of the chipboard.

Roughly cut away excess paper, leaving a little overhanging the edge of the chipboard.  Using fine sandpaper or a file/emery board, use downward strokes from the patterned side at an oblique angle along the edge of the chipboard (see photo). This will push the edge of the paper onto to the edge of the chipboard making a good seal and reveal the core of the patterned paper, softening the edge of the chipboard shape.

Jimjams - "cork" covered chipboard
Use a precision file or folded-in-half-sandpaper to work on tight spaces where an emery board will not fit, remembering to keep filing down against the edge of the chipboard.  My precision file set has a round file which is perfect for the inside of curved edges and the inside of holes! Unfortunately, you  make an incredible dusty mess of paper filings but the results are worth it:

Jimjams - "cork" covered chipboard

Back in 2010, I did a charity retreat class on several ways to decorate chipboard - the handout for which can be downloaded via a link at the bottom of this post.  Have fun!

There are more tutorials to help you counterfeit this month's kit over at the CKCB today.


Sian said...

You know what I'm going to say, don't you? I'm kind of's a corker of an idea :)

Lesley G said...

Bloody brilliant :)

LCSmithSAVED said...

I kept looking thinking, Where are hers? Thought I was looking at the inspiration, lol!

alexa said...

I have never seen cork patterned paper! Such a clever idea, Jemma!

Tina Campbell said...

Super cute idea just love the tutorial on it too