Saturday, 18 February 2012

Brightening My Day

It doesn't take an awful lot to put a really big smile on my face: 

Watching a blackbird pecking at the halved apple I put out near the bushes
The unbidden arrival of a hot, steaming mug of tea
Cherry blossom falling like pink snow
Listening to giggles upstairs
An unexpected hug

And most recently, spotting this month's Reading Group book on the library shelf which means I don't have to order it in specially, and nor do I pay the £1 reservation fee.  On top of that bit of luck I was quite taken aback at how beautiful this particular copy is: a bright sunny yellow cover, embossed front, back  and spine with a bronze design and lettering, with decorated end papers and chapter heading illustrations.  It's not even an old book; published in 2010, the people of Headline Review obviously understand that we readers still appreciate a good cover, even if we don't necessarily judge the book by it!

On the subject of books ... I'm to be a World Book Night Giver ... Hurrah!  Watch this space as some of those books will be given out right here!

P.S. These little rays of sunshine have brightened my day - if you pop over to Julie's blog she has a whole month of sunrays going on!


furrypig said...

I have read that book, hope you enjoy it, lovely cover. Congrats on getting in to the book night give away thingy assume I didn't get through as not heard anything, looking forward to seeing what is on the list this year xxx

Mary B said...

I love books that have nice tooled covers too and I have been know to buy a second hand book just because the cover is beautiful. I've even taken a rubbing off the cover

Melissa said...

Great book covers do make me want to pick up a book and see what it's all about - that is a happy looking book.

Sian said...

It does look like a beauty :)

Julie Kirk said...

I spotted your post this morning and only just had chance to drop back and say thanks for the link. [I pinned your post].

It's lovely to see the sunshine spreading.

And how fun to be spreading books soon too!

Julie :-)

Alison said...

Enjoy your book..haven't read that one..looking forward to see what books you'll be sharing for WBN
Alison xx

Lizzie said...

I think I'd want to read the book, just because of that cover - it is beautiful. I have a little collection of lovely books, from the Folio Society. These are all beautifully bound and printed, many with embossed designs on their covers, specially chosen end-papers and lovely type for the titles. I love beautiful books!

I hope you enjoy the story - I haven't read it myself, but perhaps I will now!

Missus Wookie said...

Lovely cover and rays of sunshine. I'm doing my "reasons to be cheerful" for similar brightening my daily outlook purposes.

I had a copy of a book out of the reserves once which was so beautiful I joked with the librarian which was more of a crime... returning it so it could languish in the stacks OR keeping it and admiring it on a regular basis. We decided I should return the book sadly.

alexa said...

Now there's a nicely designed cover - well spotted and photographed!