Wednesday, 29 February 2012

29 Days Later

During January I went public with my goals for 2012 and it's only fair that I come clean with how well (or badly) I am doing:

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Februaries (!) in numbers
I've managed more pages for my BOM, all of which are in the album (although not organised in chronological order - that's something for 2013 perhaps?)!  I've de-cluttered our under stairs pantry after tipping over a bottle of wine, which smashed on the tiled floor, emptying its 70cl all over the floor and under quite a lot of "stuff" that shouldn't have been there.  The bedroom, started last month is, unfortunately, still ongoing!  I've forgotten three birthdays and remembered two (with home-made cards).  I've been busy with some Guest DT work and plenty of other scrapping, including my page for my January in numbers and, without further ado here are February's numbers:

12 = marbled cup cakes made on the 2nd attempt - it would seem that I have been remiss in teaching Child No.3 (and her friend) how to cream butter, sugar and eggs together without curdling the mixture!

50 = key words in the programming language that Hubby studied during much of his 5 days off - he tries to share with me when he finds something interesting or annoying, but that's all I have remembered!

2 = the number of decades celebrated by No.2 Son with a trip to visit No.1 Son for a Skrillex concert.  Hours he spent in cars, coaches and trains to get there and back: 12

4 = books read this month - "Ours are the Streets" by Sunjeev Sahoter - a very interesting tale of life for a Sheffield Muslim lad as he before and after he becomes radicalised, counting down the days until his suicide mission.  Not an easy read at times, but thought provoking to the end.  "The Passage" by Justin Cronin was bought for Hubby as an emergency birthday present last year, but he loved it and insisted I read it too.  Set in the (not too distant) future it tells an apocalyptic tale of the human struggle against vampire-like zombies!  Lots of excitement and adventure with believable and all to frail and frightened characters, it's the first in a trilogy and I'd like to read more.  My friend from Book Club recommended "The Prison of Perspective" by Rudolf Bader but I can't say I enjoyed this one. It describes the lives of each main character entirely from their own perspective and perhaps because of this, I found them equally selfish and self-centred and ultimately unsympathetic.  Thankfully this month's official choice was great: "The Long Song" by Andrea Levy which was a witty, rollicking tale of the trials and tribulations of slaves (and their white owners) in Jamaica during and after the abolition.

1 = an exercise bike exchanged, 2 months after the on-board computer broke, just 3 months after No.3 child chose it instead of a rabbit!

1 = also how many new recipes I tried - roast duck - and it worked pretty well: juicy, tender, perhaps not quite crispy skinned nor pink enough; there's room for improvement when I try again soon!

10 = days turn-around for 2 new passports which was a relief as there are now just 19 and 27 days to go before they will be needed.

73,392 = worldwide target for geocaches to be logged on February 29th - I did my bit and found 1 :o}


Julie Kirk said...

Oh, the idea of the roast duck is making me hungry [and I've just eaten!].

Thanks for joining in, I've added you to the board now:

Julie :-)

p.s: I just keep wondering ... was it red or white wine you spilled over everything? :-O

Sian said...

I'm wondering the same thing. Sounds like a right old pain, whichever it was!

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

Fun list of numbers, Jemma. I always love reading these lists and have good intentions of doing one myself but so far I've not jumped on board...8 months in a row now... ;o)

Alison said...

Great list Jemma...I do hate when a bottle of wine smashes..there seems to be three times more in it than when you drink it!!LOL!
Alison xx

heart.hearth.home. said...

A pretty full schedule and some interesting reads, Jemma. I didn't have any sympathy with those perspective characters either, though perhaps I should, but it was all a bit ambiguous for me.

Denise said...

Sounds like you have been very busy- and good job you got those passports done:-)

Louise said...

an interesting month :)

Nathalie said...

Great read! i loved the book reviews! :)

Lizzie said...

Busy, busy, busy (and a bit sticky!). Roast duck is yummy... so is wine, if you don't throw it on the floor (poor you!).
A good list of numbers for February, Jemma. I hope there are lots of successes and no disasters to record for March!

Missus Wookie said...

Great list - my hallway/pantry disaster took a bit more than a tidy up so glad you got away with that.

Ewok hits 20 this year I'm sure we're not old enough for this...

alexa said...

A busy month, Jemma! Soz about the wine disaster ... And where are you heading off to with the passports? Will there be more wine involved? :)