Saturday, 13 October 2012

Good Morphing!

When I was small I loved watching a TV program called "Vision On".  Produced to entertain deaf children with lots of funny visual gags and inspiring art from Tony Hart, it was enjoyed by many of my generation whether they could hear or not.  I particularly loved "The Gallery" of children's art at the end of the show and the wonderfully relaxing, yet up-beat music that accompanied it ("Left Bank Two").

Later I watched its successor, "Take Hart", where Tony continued to inspire me with achievable arty projects, shared "The Gallery" and shared his desk with a cute plasticine character called Morph.  Able to change his shape at will, Morph had great adventures in amongst the clutter of pencils, paints and string and later on he even got his very own TV series.

Layout - The Games We Played - Susanne
Just like Morph, I've been changing things to suit along with my fellow Master Forgers  from the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog.  We decided to do a Morph Challenge where each of us in turn took inspiration from a page to make a layout before passing it along to the next player in the chain.   It's a bit like the Chinese Whispers game we played at parties, whispering a phrase along a chain of children - very interesting to see how things change from start to finish.
Crystal started us off and I was no.4 in the morphing order, taking Susanne's horizontal lines and cute edge clusters and title placement to make my own page.

Layout - 3 is a mgic number - Jimjams

That's my July Counterfeit Kit and a studio portrait of my three kids from 1998 (I think - hence the lack of date while I check).  I love how Child No.3 is holding onto No.1 Son's thumb and No.2 Son is trying not to laugh out loud.  My they have changed - I'd love to get them together for another group shot, but getting them all in one place for a photo nowadays is hard.

Layout detail - Embelishment cluster, machine sewing on photo - Jimjams

I passed my page on to Bethany to adapt.  If you want to see the full morphology of our pages you can start at the beginning by visiting the CKCB today.

Layou detail - stitching letter stickers in place - Jimjams

P.S. If you love the CKCB as much as I do why not think about joining the Master Forgers


CoventryAnn said...

Such a lovely photo, I love looking at pictures of mine when they were small, and the hand holding the thumb is so sweet :) Love the page too!

humel said...

Oh, I loved Morph!! Good ol' Tony Hart :)

Great page, Jemma - I'm fascinated by scrapping challenges like this, tracing the inspiration from layout to layout. I always loved Chinese Whispers, too!

S said...

Oh this page is fabulous - I think your clusters are magical, making the whole page a star!

Missus Wookie said...

Suspect I arrived too late for Vision but do remember Morph (as does Wookie - claymation is cool you know ;) I love playing such games too - always fun to see where the group(s) go!

You could suggest HEAVILY that a family group photo would be a good Birthday or Christmas gift ;)

K said...

Oh yes, I recreation of that photo would be soooooo cool (& funny)

One Scrap Happy Momma said...

I love looking a family group pictures of us when we were smaller - there's 6 of us. We always try to get one when we all get together but it IS hard. I agree with the above - drop very not so subtle hints! They make lovely scrapbook pages...oh and memories too! LOL!

Lisa said...

Oh, Jemma. Thanks for taking me down memory lane! I have tried for years to remember the name of the show. My brain could only come up with Take Hart. But of course it's Vision On. Do you remember how they'd write the name and then mirror it and the image created would be ? A person? Love it. And here's a thing.... I was one of the featured children in the gallery!!! I submitted a drawing of a robin and it was in the gallery! In the days before video so I only have it in my memory! And you got a BBC book voucher as a prize. I seem to remember ordering some Roald Dahl books!! Wow, there's a story for a layout I think :-)

But your layout is lovely with those edge clusters and layers. And what acute photo. Great take on S's layout!

Margie said...

Fantastic layering, Jemma! Great page!

Julie H said...

Love your title - 3 is my magic number as well - 2 older boys then a girl! Lovely page and fun challenge.

glorygirl said...

What a sweet photo! I love all the details on your page - the stitching the cluster items. Love it!

Angela Coles said...

fabulous photo and element clusters

alexa said...

I loved Morph too ... and your own morphed page is lovely. Apart from that sweet photo, you do all the little details (like the star above the 'i') so well!

happysnapper said...

In 1998 even i was taking studio shots like this, they look so very well, 1998 now! cool embellee clusters

Eleanor said...

Fab page, and I loved Tony Hart - I wrote to him once, aged 16, asking for help designing a logo for me and my then boyfriend, we were DJs for the church youth, the Dynamic Duo! He was so kind and gracious - sent us a wonderful image he'd drawn of a shattered record, and a lovely letter. I wish I still had it. Great memories. (We split up shortly after, lol)