Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Onwards and Upwords

Here is the latest batch of pages for my JYC album. They are really fast to make once the journalling is typed up and the photos are printed. I haven't been making time to scrap each day like I intended - more like time for journalling a few days worth followed by time another day for the actual scrapping.

JYC 2010 - Dec 22nd - Jimjams

The JYC prompt for Day 20 was Unexpected Surprises which suited Day 22 very well for me - I had been told that one of the Chester rhinos was now somewhere along this route, but somehow when I am driving this particular stretch I only have eyes for the road!  So it was lucky (!) that we had a family check-up at the dentist today and the kids spotted it as we were driving back.  It was even luckier that I had my camera with me and could ignore the withering glances from the back seat as I made a U-turn in order to use it!  But then it's a mother's job to embarrass her kids, even if there's nobody watching.
Back on prompt for Day 23 with Stockings:

JYC 2010 - Dec 23rd - Jimjams
JYC 2010 - Dec 24th - Jimjams

Finally the festive break begins, the shops close, the lists are completed and we can hunker down for some serious family time :D

JYC 2010 - Dec 25th - Jimjams
JYC 2010 - Dec 26th - Jimjams

All spent up before Christmas I certainly don't venture out to the Sales if I can help it.  After all there's a whole fridge full of food to be eaten and plenty of things to do at home!

JYC 2010 - Dec 27th - Jimjams


alexa said...

Love the way you've used elements common to each to make such varied pages. The snowy rhino photo is the wonderful result of a scrapper's great instinct!

Mary B said...

It pays to carry your camera around with you wherever you go doesn't it and of course it is perfectly correct and right to embarrass the children that is indeed what parents of teens and above are for.

Mary B said...

Love your family fun playing board games sounds perfect much better than eyes fixed to a square box