Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Christmas Waistcoats

In my first effort at joining in creatively with a blogosphere activity I wrote a Christmas story for Siân's Storytelling Sundays.  This in turn, sent me off to root through our old photos to find evidence of the Christmas waistcoats that had featured in the tale.

Photo - all Christmas waistcoated and tied up!

Taken in the days before digital film, when I used flash all the time and it didn't occur to me to think about what was behind my subject, the photos are not that great technically, but they are wonderful for bringing me back more memories.  Not only were my boys wearing their Christmas waistcoats in 1996, but they each had a Christmas tie on as well.

Photo - Christmas cracker hat held up by glasses!

Bow ties really are cool aren't they!


Sian said...

Aw, I'm so glad you looked out the photos! They look very smart and happy.And I've seen newer pictures, so I think I can say - the smiles haven't changed!

alexa said...

Oh my, look at that style! Very grown-up and smart :).

Mary B said...

Very grown up and stylish did you make the waistcoats?