Friday, 14 January 2011

Out With The Old

Here are the last few pages from the 2010 part of my Christmas Journal. 

JYC 2010 - Dec 28th - Jimjams

I used an earlier prompt for this one - the most perfect and popular gift got a good airing today ... tasted good, but looked ... not as beautiful as the subject of the next day's page: I should have been quicker with the camera though as there were only a few chocs left to photograph ... and one of them disappeared while I was fetching the camera! 

JYC 2010 - Dec 29th - Jimjams
JYC 2010 - Dec 30th - Jimjams

I wanted to do today's prompt (TheYear In Review) as a tag at the end of the year, so I took the opportunity to give my Christmas Word Book pride of place in my album as it now has pride of place in my Mum's living room.
I used the same template as last year's double-sided tag to document a few highlights from each month of 2010.  This was made a whole lot easier this year thanks to my Project 12 album and I spent a happy half hour looking over the double pages for each month while choosing what to write on the tag.

JYC 2010 - Dec 31st - Jimjams

This last page was also used to fit in with a weekly challenge over on UKScrappers - I love multi-tasking!
Check back soon for the final few pages ... just got the cover to do now!


CoventryAnn said...

Love the Noel book, I have a similar bare version, not got round to doing anything with it yet.... maybe next Christmas!

theelfqueen said...

These are great! We have a breadmachine, too and we love it!That fireworks pic rocks!

Scrappy~Sarah said...

fabulous pages there :)

Mary B said...

I love the page for the 30th especially made me remember the years I used to do so much more for the Christmas feastivities