Sunday, 30 January 2011

Whoops Indeed!!

Last night I was working on this page about No. 2 Son's new glasses. It's based on this week's sketch (#222) over at Pencil Lines and was done for the UKS Weekly Challenge.

I'd chosen the photo, the patterned paper, the card, decided upon the shapes I wanted to use, the alphas, even the title. Almost 100% planned out, so I set to work and started cutting, sticking, painting and sewing. Then I realised I hadn't included any  journalling ... whoops!!!! Nor did I have any more of the background card.  What to do?  In my slightly overtired state (the evening's wine had also taken its toll), I decided to gut the card that was behind the large piece of  BG Discover paper.  Not an easy task considering it was both glued and stitched down, but I managed it.
Fancy Pants clear alphas altered with
emulsion, 3D paint and Sharpies
I really shouldn't have bothered, because by the time I'd cut the card to shape and slotted it onto the front I decided that it was far too dark to write upon and rather too eye-watering on top of the patterned paper.  So I did what I should have done in the first place, i.e. grab a scrap of something else to use - there were still plenty of pieces left in my "Colour Me Silly" collection.

The journalling records the reason No. 2 Son had to buy new specs during his first weeks at university: they didn't survive a trip to a foam disco!  Whoops indeed!!


Sian said...

It's a great layout :) Funny, DD found her very first pair of glasses the other day - tiny ones from when she was four - and she asked if I would take a picture of them for her.

Mary B said...

Whoops in more ways than one eh Jemma, that'll teach you to not scrap when you are slightly tipsy lol

alexa said...

That's made me smile! Glad I'm not the only one who spends ages deciding to unpick something only to realise it was unnecessary in the first place. Phew - I am not alone!