Monday, 17 January 2011

In With The New

I resolve ... to get the final pages of my Christmas Journal uploaded and out of the way!  Don't get me wrong, I've loved doing this, but 37 pages ... I want to move onto something new and exciting - the decorations are down, the snow has long gone and I am not feeling at all Christmassy anymore!  So here goes - thank you for sticking with me this far:

JYC 2010/11 - Jan 1st - Jimjams

Today's prompt, naturally, was all about resolutions ... I'm keeping them so far :D  Searching out the Christmas waistcoat photos from my Sunday Storytelling gave me the ideal picture for "Innocence" for Day 2.

JYC 2010/11 - Jan 2nd - JimjamsJYC 2010/11 - Jan 3rd - Jimjams

I found a half-used (?) Thank You note left around after a trip to the post box today - perfect for today's page. Day 35 in the Christmas House was about Reminders: mine for next year from this Christmas are basically to get organised in November so that December is less fraught!

JYC 2010/11 - Jan 4th - Jimjams
 JYC 2010/11 - Jan 5th - Jimjams

Depending on your point of view the 5th, or possibly the 6th is the final day for taking down the Christmas decorations ... neither would do for us as we were celebrating our eldest's forthcoming birthday before he returned to university and a) we did't have time to pack them away and b) I didn't want the house to look bare!  This last page also earned me some team points for the last week's challenge over on UKS, not the full set, because I couldn't use any new stash on the page - this whole project has been so cheap to make with zero embellishments and it has made a dent in my Christmas papers too.

JYC 2010/11 - Jan 6th - Jimjams

I have to admit that I did start de-decorating once everyone had gone home and we'd tidied away the buffet and bottles; I managed quite a lot before midnight ... superstitious .. me?


alexa said...

Congratulations on making it to the end of the album! The 'now' and 'then' photo of them all sitting together is a lovely touch. Hurrah also for thank-you letters - keep the flag flying!

Scrappy~Sarah said...

well done on making it to the end, I have a long way to go. Great pages there love the photo of the cousins

Sian said...

Fantastic stuff Jemma! I bet it feels great having the whole thing put together - I've done my pages but I haven't bought an album for them to into yet

CoventryAnn said...

Love the photo from the 2nd, priceless :)
I know how you feel, I'm looking forward to getting back to 12x12s again.... although I do have some Christmas pages to do :D

Mary B said...

That last page with all the children is great especially as you got them to sit in the same way with the two on the ends sitting on laps.

Well done on getting all the decs down by the end of 12th night too.

theelfqueen said...

These are fantastic!

alison290 said...

I've enjoyed looking at your album...and I know what you mean-I loved my JYC (which I've just finished today!) but am ready to move on to other things now.