Saturday, 1 January 2011

Not a creature was stirring!

The one big advantage of teenagers ... they sleep late! After arriving back from their New Year's Eve revels in the wee small hours and creeping into bed (thank you for improved consideration boys!) the house has been peaceful enough for me to do some catch-up scrapping. So here is another week of pages for my JYC album:

Back on prompt with Visitors for Day 15 - not that we really class Mum as a visitor!  Day 16's prompt was Gratitude - and after a week with no heating, I know what we are truly grateful for!

Day 17 was rather taken up with the epic journey to and from North Wales, but I'm back on message with Day 18 for Seasonal Food ... and had a go at composing some candy canes for festive effect!

JYC 2010 - Dec 18th - Jimjams
JYC 2010 - Dec 19th - Jimjams

The 19th was full of family shenanigans and would have made a great start to the holiday week, except that my daughter and husband still had school and work respectively.  I used the next day to try and get on top of the mountain of stuff, still to be done - including posting out the final Christmas cards.

JYC 2010 - Dec 20th - Jimjams
JYC 2010 - Dec 21st - Jimjams

Which tied in nicely with Day 21 when I wrote out the final "To Do" list.  A typical mix of the festive and the fraught ... and just 3 days to do it in!  Eat turkey before Christmas? ... check back tomorrow to find out why!

Happy New Year everyone ... thank you for stopping by and brightening my days with a comment or two!


Sian said...

A Very Happy New Year to you and yours too Jemma! Your pages have come together beautifully - here's to a lot more creativity in 2011

Mary B said...

Well done on the catching up Jemma I think you did mention why you ate the turkey before Christmas but I have forgotten, so will have to come back here tomorrow lol

Scrappy~Sarah said...

great catching up, fabulous pages :)

CoventryAnn said...

Great idea to use the keep calm picture!!! Loving your journal.

Anonymous said...

Great entries, and I just love that photo for the 18th - so Christmassy!