Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Calendar Catch-Up

Layout detail - sun rosette & butterfliesDo you blog your days?
Do you scrap your months?
I'm not great with committing to year-long projects, but I had a whale of a time with Scrapbook & Cards Today's Project 12 in 2010, producing a whole album of double page layouts (some of which I've blogged about) documenting the family activities with photos and words.

2011 however, was an utter failure and I gave up half-way through March ending up with a double-page summary for the whole year instead.

This year I've been playing along with Julie's Month In Numbers and using the blog posts to get my months onto paper.  I'm still behind (I've only just published June's MiN post, and not all the numbers have made it onto paper) so I took advantage of the third challenge from the CKCB to take inspiration from a summer garden and get July's numbers scrapped and August's page ready to go.

Layout - July & August 2012 - Jimjams
I combined this with the weekly challenge on UKScrappers which called for
stitching, tearing, recent journalling and non-flat ribbon!

Layout detail - flower rosette & butterflies
My August Counterfeit Kit was perfect for a summer garden theme with lots of warm, sunny colours, some honeycomb and stem patterns and I adapted the die-cut rosettes to look like the sun (at least I think it does) and flowers by snipping the straight edges at an angle.

These pages cheer me up - they are so sunny - unlike our current weather - torrential rain, strong winds and no sign of the sun at all!
Hopefully your garden inspired crafting will also bring you joy - link up here and I'll come and look


Jo.C said...

Now I'll have to get busy and get My two month's done. Thanks for the prompt. Might be up to date in September:0)
Well caught up.

Julie Kirk said...

This seems the ideal way to keep up - not that I'm judging - I'd never have blogged My MinN for almost 3 years now if I'd also been scrapping them! I'd definitely have given in by now!

Thanks for sharing - I've popped it on the board: http://pinterest.com/notesonpaper/my-month-in-numbers/

Julie :-)

Sian said...

I started out the yaer blogging my Photo 365 photos, but I haven't in a while - I have found that if I don't plan to blog them I'm taking more personal, meaningful pictures some of the time. Same with my Month in Numbers. This month's might be for the album only.

I always love to see some tearing and ruffly edges on a page :)

Lisa-Jane said...

Big fan of rosettes here and I love what you've done to the edges. I never keep up with anything ever so I've stopped trying so much!

alexa said...

Nice to see them as a double-page spread - and you're ahead for August already!

Alison said...

What a sunny page indeed...sorry to hear your weather's misbehaving!
Alison xx

humel said...

Now this is how our summer *should* have been - bright, cheerful, warm and sunny :)

As you know, I photograph my day every day (and blog most of them - eventually...) but I've never successfully scrapped my day, week or month - wish I had, but when I've tried it just hasn't worked somehow :( Can't even seem to get Project Life working for me!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I keep meaning to do Month in Numbers but then I can't recall the numbers of things when I go to write up a post. I do a photo a day & then try to get them all in a photo book with little blurbs about the day.
Yeah, that rarely works either.

Missus Wookie said...

I'm with Sian - more meaningful/personal stuff often means I don't blog. Started with weekly overviews but then life went horrible and I haven't dealt with it yet let alone wanted to blog it. Your pages look so summery for your summary ;)

Susanne said...

Your layout looks very summery indeed. I'm doing project life and we've been so busy that for July and August I will only have 1 page spreads instead of 2 pages for each month (which I have yet to start). But life is meant to be lived and if we capture a little bit more as we go along - I think that's great.

Nathalie said...

I LOVE your torn leaves!!! Love them!!! I also have all my numbers all safe in blog posts but have yet to make a page with them.

Unknown said...

These are lovely pages. Well done. I haven't kept up with MIN, but I am going to try and carry on joining in now.

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Lovely pages, so cheerful! And well done on the challenge. :)

MiliPea Designs said...

I really like the layout of this page and the colors are so nice and summery.