Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Still Stitching

Layout detail - machine stitching on cardstockI'm still stitching!  Are you?

One of my pages featured in Clair's 2nd day of Stitching on Paper - here's a peek:

If sewing on your pages with a machine has proved problematical, then Clair has plenty of help and advice to get you started.

I have three tips to share with you regarding machine sewing on layouts:
    Photo - practice stitching on cardstock
    What a mess!
    Better on a scrap than my page though!
  • Use "invisible" thread on the bobbin so that you only have to change the top thread when swapping colours
  • Sewing through paper blunts the needle.  Keep a scrapping needle separate from the rest or they'll all be blunt when you next sew with material
  • Test your tension, stitch size/style and cornering out on a piece of scrap cardstock (layered with extra scraps of paper if necessary).  I find this especially useful with zig-zag stitches as the combination of zig-zag width and stitch length gives lots of variety. 

Layout detail - imperfect circular machine stitching
The page I shared with Clair's class just used straight lines of machine stitching.  My latest page needed some circular stitching to fit in with a sketch over at Scrapology.  I drew the concentric circles in light pencil directly onto my cardstock to act as guides and erased them afterwards.  I'm not brilliant at sewing straight lines, let alone perfect concentric circles, so I concealed any wobbles by going over the lines with more stitching that was purposely either side of the line with added zig-zags.

If you popped by on Sunday you will know that No.1 Son recently graduated with a Masters in Chemistry and I scrapped him with a group of his friends here.  Today's page puts him centre stage but uses the same papers, cardstock and trim so that they will sit nicely side-by-side in his album.

Layout detail - machine stitching on ribbon, paper, stickers & cardstock

More machine stitchery to come from me soon ... and Clair will be back next weekend with parts 3 & 4 of her Stitching on Paper class ... I can't wait!


Mary B said...

Excellent stitching and a super page.

I hadn't realised just how long your DS1's hair was.

Sian said...

I think the tip about invisible thread is genius!

Gorgeous circle-y stitching. Love that. And long hair? Don't talk to me..

Unknown said...

If I get a chance I shall check out that stitching class. I was stitching more often on my layouts until I moved my machine so that The Princess could craft with me. Although, I think that is a lovely excuse for not using my machine :-)

Clair said...

Missed this one earlier in the week - it's awesome. I love the circular stitching, so what if it's not perfect! It looks very, very close! x

Lisa said...

your stitching is amazing. wonderful use of the mixed stitches and the circular element. It looks fab and the white on white is just perfect

Missus Wookie said...

Love the circles - something very atomic about 'em which is rather appropriate. Do like the white on white texture is lovely.

humel said...

Fabulous layout, Jemma! Love the circular stitching, great variation :) And in general I prefer 'not quite perfect' lines with stitching - these are just exactly right :)

Melissa said...

This is a great page & such a fantastic accomplishment! I enjoyed the sewing tips, too, as I'm still trying to remember to use my machine more now that it's set up in the craft room!

Tina Campbell said...

Super cute, love the stitching too

Stephanie said...

such a great page & very helpful tips! I love the look of stitching on a layout but have yet to use my sewing machine on one … must add it to my to-do list!