Thursday, 23 August 2012

June In Numbers

Yes, I know it's August and July's numbers are already out there, but I've just discovered that this post was still half-written in draft!  I've been working on the scrapbook page for it so I thought I'd better hit publish!

Welcome to my June in Numbers - check out Julie's blog here if you have no idea what I'm talking about or if you do and you want to join in with your Month in Numbers then other Junes can be found here.

June has been a bit of a wash-out - both literally and in terms of activities.  There have been sunny days in between, but torrential rain, flash floods and lightening strikes are a bit extreme even for a British summer.

1 = Birthday celebrated very quietly by Hubby as it was a working day, Child No.3 was out gallivanting, I was recuperating from my surgery and the boys were still away at university.  We'll have to have a proper family meal out together once we are reunited next month.

25 = pounds spent on his birthday present - a Raspberry Pi credit-card-sized computer, developed to encourage school children to learn about computer programming proper (as opposed to using Microsoft packages or writing html).  Of course, Hubby isn't a school child but he is an old-school programmer.

60 = years on the throne for Queen Elizabeth, resulting in a 4 day weekend for much of the UK.  Rain didn't stop play (we Brits will party on through anything).  It was not much better 10 years ago - I wonder if there will be a Platinum Jubilee and whether our weather will be better?

Books read = 14 (5 reviewed here and 5 more here) and 4 more:

"The Elephant Whisperer" by Lawrence Anthony with Graham Spence is not the kind of book I normally read.  It's non fiction and it's about animals!  However after some very positive reviews I thought I'd give it a go. I'm so glad I did - it was full of accessible, humorous and touching stories about life in and around a nature reserve in South Africa.  Anthony's struggles with local politics, regulations, poachers, wild animals, domestic animals and the weather were all there along with his triumphs containing a troubled herd of elephants, rescuing rhinos and connecting with the beautiful flora and fauna on the reserve.

C J Sansom's "Winter in Madrid" was my Reading Group choice - a fascinating account of a part of
aspects of the Spanish Civil War about which I knew very little.  There were glimpses of British boarding school life, diplomatic machinations and covert operations. Beautifully written, it left me wanting to know more about the period.

"The Pilot's Wife" by Anita Shreve was one of the books I took to and from Las Vegas without opening.  Possibly just as well as it described the aftermath of a mid-air explosion that killed the pilot!  The grief and confusion of his wife was beautifully described as doubts arose about just how the bomb had got aboard.

Jo Nesbø's thrilling "Headhunters" was full of as many twists and turns as it had unlikeable characters.  Was anybody what they seemed to be? Would anyone get away with their ill deeds?  Would you want them to?

20 = CVs handed out by Child No.3 in her search for a holiday/weekend job.  Despite several positive responses during the day, not one has followed up (yet).  1 on-line application with a local supermarket has resulted in a telephone interview and the group interview is set for next month.  Fingers crossed!

10 = types of vegetables growing in our veg patch - they are all rather behind in their growing due to the lack of sun.

4 = years of study for No.1 Son resulting in a Masters of Chemistry qualification - we are so proud - the graduation ceremony is in a fortnight - watch this space to see how well a mortar board fits on top of his dreadlocks!

Well, we never did get to see him in a mortar board as he wouldn't (let us) pay the extra for an official photograph.  You can see how smart he looked in his suit and gown on my layout here though!


Sandie said...

Haha! I have a lot of draft blog posts half or almost written too!
I come up with an idea but don't go back to finish. At least you did that! Hope Child 3 got the job she applied for and that your vegetables are still growing well.

Melissa said...

Thanks - I'm feeling much better about posting my July numbers today - LOL! You certainly read quite a few books in June - your description of Headhunters has me curious, might have to check it out.

alexa said...

That looks like a very busy month! Sorry you never got to see the mortar board, but hasn't he done well. :) Did July calm down any? Looking forward to the sequel about the veg. Ours are a washout.

Clair said...

Hope the interview went well for Child No.3!

Love Anita Shreve's books, by the way. Did you like it? x

Julie Kirk said...

And here's me thinking I'm doing well after reading 3.5 books so far this month!

We're only growing beans + tomatoes at the moment [but my Dad's growing all sorts + I came home with a nice fresh haul of home grown yesterday without getting my hands dirty]

Thanks for joining in and for setting this post free from its 'draft'y dungeon!

You're safely pinned on the board:

Julie :-)

Sian said...

Great fun to read - I'm glad you liberated this post!

Vilius Kraujutis said...

I like number "10" :)

Missus Wookie said...

Ah Wookie wants a Raspberry pie - once he's got the 3D printer project and some other bits finished. He's holding off until then.

Glad you pushed the button - and hoping you are fully recovered from your surgery.