Sunday, 24 February 2013

Fifty-five Bags - Week 7

Tagxedo - 55 bags in 55 days - JimjamsWelcome back to a little more de-cluttering.  Alas, prompted not by renewed enthusiasm for my Fifty-Five Bags project, but by my inability to put the week's shopping away in the kitchen cupboards in a sensible manner - and, if I'm totally honest, by my inability to *delegate* the chore to No.2 Son and Child No.3 who are being encouraged to help out more while I earn more.
No matter - I knuckled down and cleared out several of the cupboards on my list of 55 locations and discovered all sorts of out-of-date horrors for the (bin) bags!

Eeek - coffee in an open bag from 2007 out of one cupboard and brown rice, lentils and quinoa from 2010 found in another!
Photo collage - De-cluttering Week 7

I tried to emulate Sandra's thoroughness with recipes, but that will have to be a work in progress; meanwhile I was ruthless with cookie-cutters and lolly-makers!  The hall coat cupboard also got a thorough sort-out and we no longer own 5 plastic ponchos for theme-park water rides, a couple of out-grown coats, a bulb bought in a shop that closed 15 years ago and ten, yes TEN baseball caps!!!

Thank you for last week's support and encouragement while I had an "off" week - it is really good to hear about your efforts and it is keeping me accountable.  Ladykis reckons she is still not de-cluttering but we know better, poor Stacey is doing her best but as fast as she boxes up the rubbish, her hubby brings more home!  Lesley, however, wins the prize for the biggest single item of de-cluttering and maximum help from hubby: 

"... I'm decluttering! I've sorted the camper van which was being used as a garage so we can now use it and I've also persuaded DH to get rid of his much beloved motorbike which means I'll have half a garage with nothing in it :)"
I know from chatting with Lesley that the motorbike is already gone and that garage space has been freed up!  Well done you!!


Sandra said...

I'm convinced that my cupboards have naughty faires that change dates on products, as I'm always shocked at how out of date things get so quickly. Good for you though on delegating ... Just think how much you're helping them in their future to get a handle on things now :)

Lesley G said...

10 baseball caps - and you said I could start a shop with my make-up!!!
Yes, the bike's gone and with hubby's first day off since getting rid today he will sort all his "biker" gear that can be gone (I love that domino effect) Regards getting the children to help you could always pile all the junk in their room to make a point!! Keep up the good work and DELEGATE!!

Sian said...

The sight of that coffee has made me feel a whole lot better about the packet I found last week. So your work this week has not been in vain :)

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I love seeing how old stuff is in people's cupboards, to compare to my own ancient stuff. I think you might have me beat in dry goods but I did find find Tater Tots in the freezer from 2005 last year.