Thursday, 12 January 2012

Ding Dong Merrily

Sorry, sorry, sorry - I had promised to draw a winner for my festive give-away on New Year's Eve - and totally forgot!!!!  So my huge, heartfelt apologies to anyone who was in the draw with a better memory than me!

Congratulations to: DAWN

Drop me an e-mail please with your address and I'll package it up to you!

And while I'm catching up on things: massive THANKS to my Counterfeit Kit Swap Sister Suzanne for the lovely gifts and embellishments that were so beautifully packaged in our Christmas Embellishment Swap:

I've kept all the usable bits of the packaging and used some of it up on a page already ... watch this space!


Missus Wookie said...

Congratulations! To Dawn for winning and to you for remembering. :)

alexa said...

What a super kit - I am eyeing those lovely ribbons top right ... Well done to Dawn!

Anonymous said...

Your gifts from Suzanne look really lovely - and congrats to Dawn! I wanted to add that I loved your comment on Alexa's post about OWL - I'm not agreeing with your choices (!) but the black humour made me snortle :)))

Lisa said...

Congrats to Dawn! Your exchange pressies look great! We all had such fun, didn't we?!?

Sian said...

That's some swap! It looks like a treasure trove.

Well done Dawn