Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Just One Sketch Class

I signed up for Miss Smith's Just One Sketch Class as I am a sucker for a good cause - she's raising money for Girl Guides (in Armenia?) - and I love sketches.  However Blogger isn't playing ball, so I missed the beginning of the class and keep missing the prompts.  Luckily a few of my blogging friends are also taking part so when they post about the class I do get a reminder of sorts to get off my posterior and search for the prompts!!

First off we had to choose some favourite pages and analyse what features they had in common (click on them for a closer view if you're a glutton for punishment LOL):

I've purposely only looked at single 12x12 pages although I do like double paged layouts and also scrap some 8½x11 pages. It was hard enough choosing just these!

Well I see:
  • Layering and overlapping
  • L shapes: either formed with the photos and papers or the photos themselves
  • Curves: curved shapes or at the very least rounded corners
  • Uneven titles to squeeze large fonts into a small space or titles split over several lines with mixed fonts
  • Quite full pages
  • Not a lot of visible journalling 
  • Maximum 2 patterned papers
What other factors do you think these pages have in common?


Mary B said...

well done on finding all those things in common, I could only find the title one.

JulieJ said...

I think it's the bold colours and the titling that stand out for me. And you seem to prefer tertiary colours (hope I have the term correct and don't end up sounding a pretentious muppet!)
You don't receive e-mail prompts - you just need to go back to the blog page every Saturday to check.

Anonymous said...

What great pages! I'd add plain (ish) backgrounds and strong colours and a strong, clear design (not wishy washy or frou frou!) If that makes sense :)

Sian said...

I'm only really noticing this for the first time now, but I think you use quite a lot of frames or things inside other things.

Alison said...

I reckon you've found all the common features Jemma...I've still to get to parts 2 and 3 of the class!
Alison xx